Sunday, 30 July 2017

A reunion, of sorts, then an ending...

Since we last met, the Swimmer has been in constant contact.  He's becoming quite possessive, and more than a little stalky - checking my profiles a number of times a day, sending repeated Whatsapp messages, then follow-ups complaining I haven't read the prior ones when "he knows I've been online".  As my time here comes to a close, I've been largely occupied with social gatherings (a surprising number of people wish to meet before I leave), and have had little time for hook-ups.  However, I do have an early meal one evening and am home at a reasonable hour when he messages me again, and we agree to meet.

He arrives, and initially wishes to sit in my lap and talk, then we begin to kiss, then we move to the bed.  He once again keen to get blown, then he flips me over and starts to slide his cock up and down my slot before suiting up and entering me.  He's pretty quick, and soon dumps his load on my back, thereafter leading me to the shower and washing me, all the while complaining that I am leaving just as we've met, and how different things could have been if I were to stay.

TBH though, things wouldn't be different.  His possessiveness, jealousy, and frankly ordinary bed skills are not enough to compensate for the enjoyable chats we have, and I've tired of it all.

It's now my turn to use monosyllables as responses, and when he messaged after midnight last night I didn't reply until this morning.  This apparently drove him nuts, and this morning I received a recriminatory phone call from him, questioning my movements over the past 72 hours, and wanting to know why I delayed answering him last night.  I tell him he doesn't really have the right to interrogate me like this, and he replies by asking me to delete his number.  I tell him to consider it done, wish him well and end the call.


  1. Not sure if this is the best way but now that I've read through your posts I wanted to say thank you for sharing your experiences. If you don't mind me asking do you plan to continue to post now that you won't be living where you are now?

  2. It's been a pleasure sharing, although I do sometimes regret letting some of the participants know of the blog. As long as I have an illicit sex life, I'll be posting (time and technology permitting). There are a few stories still to come from my former home, and already one or two from my new.