Sunday, 18 June 2017

Standard meet, but... (2/2)

Over the next day or so, the Swimmer sends me a few messages, calls once or twice, then invites himself over that evening.  I've already arranged to meet with the Indian guy, more for a catch-up and possible sex than anything else, and we're on the couch together talking and drinking for hours.  I delay the Swimmer as I don't want the Indian guy to get the 'bum's rush'.  He's a nice guy and I genuinely enjoy his company, and I'm kind of toying with the idea of a threesome, but it doesn't go anywhere.

As always, the Swimmer is right on (delayed) time, but he enters, and stares at the Indian guy.  I kiss him in greeting, and tell him the Indian guy "is cool with that", but it's somehow awkward and the poor Indian decides to leave.  I feel pretty shitty about this, and as soon as he's left, the Swimmer asks me the last time I had sex, not so subtly implying that I'd already had a session with the Indian.  I tell him otherwise, and he's mollified.  I ask if he got all his calls sorted, as he seemed quite stressed, and he replied "yes, you know why", but I don't, and he won't elaborate.

So we sit and chat for a bit, then he stands and takes my hand, leading me to the bedroom, jokingly telling me not to look as he strips - he's "quite shy", then he roars with laughter.  We get horizontal, and as we kiss, he tells me, in a serious voice, that he was horrified I had had sex with someone else, that he really feels we shouldn't be seeing other people, and the thought that I might have had another mans cum on me was abhorrent to him.  I'm then informed there must be "at least" 48 hours between my last meet and seeing him!  A bit much from a guy who's on Growlr almost constantly, but he's a local and they're just weird.

He has no interest in anal sex tonight, just wanting me to suck him off (again), and I'm getting a little tired of the non-reciprocity, so we conclude and after some further chat, he departs.  Tonight he does call me, telling me he wants to 'wank me off', and he can't wait to see me cum again, and we agree to meet over the upcoming weekend.  I have already agreed to meet the Syrian, so tell him of this, and nominate another night.  He's unhappy, but agrees, however on the day sends me a 'can't come' message, with all subsequent communications bordering on monosyllables...  I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt, and presume he's busy, so don't put too much store in this.  Let's see what happens after the weekend...

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