Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Quiet, gentle passion...

The Civil Servant unexpectedly drops me a line.  He's back in town visiting, and is keen to catch up.  However, family obligations during the fasting month keep him busy for a few days, but we eventually identify a date to meet.  He arrives as expected, and again I'm surprised at how handsome he is (and how short..), but it's great to see him again.

In just one of the many, many inconsistencies observed during this month, he declines alcohol so we drink copious amounts of tea as we talk.  He's been experimenting with yet more drug related 'healing', and tells me at length of the experiences (physical, emotional and mental), he underwent in a candle-lit Brooklyn warehouse, before moving on to the details of his newly founded business.  It's actually a really nice conversation - I find my time with him somehow invigorating, and we in fact talk for hours.  He goes to the bathroom, and on his return he pauses behind the couch I am sitting on and begins to gently massage my shoulders, asking if perhaps we'd like to move 'inside'.

We lazily strip as we continue talking, each climbing onto the bed from opposite sides and meeting with a kiss in the centre.  There's no hurry, no urgency, we simply continue to chat as we kiss, hands roaming, his cupping my balls, mine gently stroking his butt cheeks, and we end up spooning, my cock pressed into his slot, my breath in his ear and my arms wrapped around his chest, when he rolls back and kisses me.

As we do, I am now on my back, and he begins to assume a more dominant and active role, his beard dragging across my face as we kiss, the feel of his cock against mine, and he works his way down my torso, eventually licking my balls and repositioning himself so that we are in a 69.  We continue with this for some time, then he breaks away and comes back to kiss me on the mouth, his hands stretching out to the nightstand for lube and condoms.

Suiting up, he keeps me on my back and draws up my legs, telling me that he wants to look at me as we fuck, then he slowly enters, dropping his head and kissing my chest as he does.  It's a strange sensation - he's inside me, yet outside me as I hold him, the connection somehow deeper than merely physical, and our bodies seem melded.  He's gently undulating his body, never leaving my embrace, and all too soon he pauses and shudders, eventually withdrawing and taking the loaded condom to the trash.  He returns, then notes the time.  He has but an hour to get home and eat before his fast starts, so it is with regret we bid farewell...


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