Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Trompe l'oeil...

Sorry for the recent silence - usual BS with the computer, the network and (oddly), my shoulder has all conspired to keep me offline of late.  I have a few tales to tell, and shall get to them soon I hope.

In the interim, here's a conundrum.  I was hanging out with the Syrian recently - we caught up over dinner, then returned for a shag (more on that later).

Regular readers will know the Syrian rocks a pretty impressive dick.  Probably 8" and fairly fat, it's also very much a 'shower'.  Even in it's flaccid state, it's an awesome piece of flesh dangling between his legs.

So, we're out and about in public, and he's wearing what could be described as 'skin tight' jeans, showing off his legs and butt to maximum effect.

But, despite what I know he's packing downstairs, there's nary a bulge to be seen.

So wtf are the guys with bulges packing...?  Football socks?

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