Saturday, 6 May 2017

The return of the Beard...

So I'm blobbing around at home and the phone beeps.  The beard wants a re-match, but he's not free until super late.  As it transpires, I fall asleep on the couch and wake up at around that time, but a confirmatory message to him is ignored.  Hmmm.  Next day however, he's down the line and full of apologies, wanting to know how I'm placed that evening at a much more reasonable hour.  Of course I confirm, and he's at my door right on time, dressed this time in sweats.  Barely in the door and all he wants to do is kiss, fondling my ass and chest, telling me how much he's missed me.  We share a drink and a cigarette, during which he tells me of his 'problem' that day - he's freeballing, and he kept thinking of me and getting hard, which kept him confined to his desk for most of his shift.  To demonstrate, he stands and drops his pants, his swollen cock bobbing in front on my eyes, and I reach across and take it in my mouth.  He's turgid but not rigid, then he sits back down beside me and leans back, his hand on my chest, keeping me at a distance.

As he stretches back, his cock is draped over his balls, and he laughs and tells me to start counting, betting I can't get to 10.  I'm thinking he's overestimated my appetite for cock, and the challenge is that I can't resist, so game on.  But I was wrong.  As I began to count, his cock began to stir, and lo and behold, by seven it's fully erect and upright.  It seems this guy can just will a hard-on into existence, which is pretty cool. 

Now it's rigid, he guides my head to his lap, and I run my tongue down his shaft and across his balls, and once more he climbs up to sit on the back of the couch so I can get better access.  After a few minutes of ballsucking and licking, he clambers down and takes me by the hand, leading us to the bedroom.  As I shuck my own clothes, he's again fondling my butt and kissing me, then we're horizontal and in full-on make out mode.  It's nice, and relaxed, and soon enough he's got me on my stomach, his cock sliding up and down my slot as he reaches for lube and condoms.

Suiting up, he once more starts to kiss the back of my neck, his arms wrapped around me, and begins to enter me, finding a gentle rhythm as his hips undulate against my own.  He twists me slightly so that our lips can meet, then withdraws and plants me fair on my back, my legs resting on his shoulders, and he re-enters me.  His actions become more aggressive, then slow, then recommence, then slow again.  Suddenly I see his stomach muscles tense, he utters "oh shit", then I feel his cock pulsing inside me, the condom inevitably filling.  He withdraws, and I see it sagging at the end of his shaft - his breathing slows and he shrugs - "so sorry man" he says as he heads to the bathroom.  As he departs, he mentions that he's heading off on a 3 week jaunt - Barca, London & Istanbul, and his intention is to simply fuck his way through each city.

So after our prior marathon, this one was much faster.  Although on average, I'd say we're still doing pretty well...

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