Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Sweaty fun...

I'm down in Sin City for the weekend, visiting the family.  I need a haircut, and there's a place nearby that offers this, plus Turkish bath, massage and so on.  A quick call confirms it's "for men, by men", and so I tell my wife I'll be out for a few hours and head off.  On entering, it's not terribly promising - all very 'local', with gilded furniture, heavy drapes, overflowing ashtrays and tiny teacups, but I sit in the chair and tell the guy to do "whatever he wants", and he goes to town, producing quite a decent haircut.  I'm happy.  As I sat, I was watching in the mirror as the other guys prowled around, each of them rather fit, varyingly handsome, and all dressed in a minimum of athletic wear.  Intriguing, and I'm curious which I'll be assigned for my massage.  One in particular has caught my notice - Lebanese, very handsome, muscular just shy of body-builder, wearing only tights and a low-cut singlet.  If it weren't for the manbun, he'd be seriously fucking hot.  Haircut done, I go to the main desk and ask for the massage, and I'm directed upstairs, first door right, "and get undressed".  Up I go, into a small suite of rooms, strip off and wrap a towel around my waist.  The door opens and the manbun walks in and smiles at me.  First thing he does is undo the wretched bun, releasing a cascade of Fabio worthy hair, then peels off the singlet, then the tights, presenting to me a fantastic body and a bulging pair of trunks.  Still smiling, he says "this is better", then tugs my towel and drops his trunks, revealing a very tiny tan-line and a long fat cock atop the most dangly balls I've seen in a long time.  I've got my own private Tarzan!!!

With his hands on my hips he guides me into the massage room, indicating where I should spread out, then proceeding with a pretty standard massage, some titillation, but not a lot.  From here we go next door to the steam room, where another bench awaits, and I'm guided to this and laid down.  He continues the massage, but with soap, actively working my butt and slot, and I can feel his cock dragging over me as he clambers off and on, my hands subtly guided to his own package on occasion.  With a slap on the rump, he lets me know to flip over, then positions himself between my legs and begins to massage my chest and shoulders, our cocks in constant contact, both beginning to swell.  He looks down and smiles, then comes in to kiss me, sliding up and down me, his pubic stubble very pleasurable against me.  To hold such a muscular man in my arms is quite a treat, and I freely explore his muscles and tight little butt before he pulls back and taps me again, so I flip to my stomach once more.

He climbs back onto me, and I'm concerned he's going to fuck me - it's probably 8" of cock pressing against me, and I've seen no evidence of condoms, but he doesn't try, merely using his mass to extend the massage process, then he climbs off and taps me once more.

As I roll to my back, I see his massive thigh pass as he swings over me, grabbing my cock and swallowing it, his own slapping me in the face.  It'd be rude not to return the favour, so we enjoy a few minutes of 69, neither of us shooting a load.

When he climbs off me, he's back to business - strutting about in the steam, flicking his hair and leisurely washing himself as he talks, then he reaches for my hand and washes me down, finally slapping my backside and telling me it was time to get dressed.

I think I have a new regular place...