Sunday, 7 May 2017

Return of the Harus

It's been a long week, and I leave work a little early.  It worked out well, as I'd only been home a few minutes when the Harus messaged.  I'm expecting him to ask me again for car sex (a hard no), or maybe cam sex (meh...), but in fact he's in the city and just a few hundred metres from my apartment and wants to pass by.  Either he's gotten over his concerns re my security guys, or his balls are so blue he's willing to run the gamut.  It's the latter apparently.

He arrives in just a few minutes, and after some stilted conversation in Arabic he indicates the bedroom.  We head in, and he peels off his shirt, revealing a transformed physique - he's always been pretty fit, but this is a whole new level, and he tells me he's doing 2 hours a day at the gym.  It certainly looks that way!  He pulls his cock out of his drawers and crosses the room to me, turning me away so that he can stroke my butt and rub his stiffening cock in my slot, then steps back and points at the bed.  I clamber on, and he comes atop me, and from here it got a bit weird.  He starts to nuzzle at my throat, kissing it and my ears, his now hard cock jabbing at my stomach, then he sits up and turns me to my side, gently stroking and fondling my butt cheeks, and leaning in to kiss them, tugging at my flesh with his teeth.  I tell him no biting (I'm seeing the Syrian later and could do without the marks), so he continues to kiss me, returning time and again to my throat for further action, his head buried in my neck and almost tenderly massaging my butt.  It's as though he's found the two most feminine parts of my body and is actually trying to make love, rather than just find release.  It strikes me then how lonely his life must be - he's maybe 28, his wife and children are in Egypt, he lives here alone, and I suspect that, outside work and the gym, he has little to occupy his time.  I flip him to his back and go in to suck him, gently dragging my fingernails over his sack as I do, and he soon is gasping and asking for condoms.

Like the Beard a few nights earlier, he positions me fair on my stomach, then wraps his arms around me and kisses my neck and shoulders as he enters.  Again, it's almost tender, but his technique is rough and his cock is massive (it's about 22cm), so any pleasure for me is quickly gone as he belts away at my ass.

Pretty soon he flips me to my back and holding my ankles by his head he starts fucking me again, looking me right in the eye and growling "make noise".   With 10" sawing in and out of me, I don't need much encouragement and begin to grunt and moan as he hammers away.  This is all that he seems to need, and he soon rips off the condom, spraying quite a load over me, the sheets and the pillows.  He takes a lengthy shower, asks for juice, then cabfare and he's gone.  The Syrian arrives in 2 hours...

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