Monday, 29 May 2017

Missed chances, then a triple shot!

So we've set up a threesome, the Persian, the Beard & I.  I'm to host, all parties have confirmed, then the Beard goes silent.  Two hours out, I call it off with the Persian, but he's interested to come over anyway.  However, I decline, choosing instead an early night.  30 minutes out from the putative rendezvous, the Beard messages to tell me he'd fallen asleep, just woken up, and "maybe next time".  No surprise there, but I'm kinda sorry I didn't invite the Persian over...

The next night I am to attend a friends birthday party, and am pretty confident I'm going to get hammered, so clear my slate for the weekend.  I do indeed get drunk, and am lying in bed feeling sorry for myself the next morning when the Swimmer messages me.  He's out on some errands, very near to my home, and would like to visit.  I tell him of my state, and he laughs, offering to pass by and take my mind off things.  I consent.  He's with me inside of 15 minutes, shaking his head at my 'unfortunate ways', which he clarifies to mean drinking and not speaking more Arabic.  I'm not certain which is the greater of the transgressions in his mind, but he leads me to bed, and we climb under the covers together.  As before we alternate between kissing and talking, our bodies naked together, when he taps my hip, stretches across for condoms and lube, then begins to gently fuck me.  We roll around for a while, changing positions, when he flattens me back to my stomach and starts to jackhammer at me, squeezing my shoulders and biting my neck as he shudders and dumps his load inside the condom, inside me.  He lies atop me, panting, then goes to clean up, returning shortly and climbing back into the bed for more kisses and cuddles.  We talk and chat some more, sitting on one another, breaking for water, talking, and his cock starts to stir again.  I'm happy to tease the shit out of it, lapping at his balls, pinching his nipples, running my tongue up and down his shaft and sucking madly.  He grabs the side of my head, and starts to guide my mouth up and down his shaft, then suddenly lifts me clear just in time to see a series of massive spurts erupt out of his dick, landing in a spatter pattern on his stomach and chest.  It's been less than an hour since he filled the condom, and this (to me), is remarkable.  I clean the last of it from him, then he pulls me up to snowball what little was left, the bulk of his load now squished between us.  He makes a few tut-tut noises, then exits to the shower, telling me loudly how he hates the way it sticks to him, then he emerges, dripping wet, and climbs back into the bed.

We continue to talk and kiss, really nothing consequential, family stuff, work, the usual nonsense one would normally cover in a coffee shop, except we're naked and entwined in each other.  He again comments on the paleness of my skin, and starts to kiss my body all over, and as he works his way down my legs I can feel his cock, hard once more, slowly dragging across me as well.

He's got my leg in the air, kissing my calves and feet, then he slowly using these as a lever to turn me over, and kisses his way back up my body, ending with butterfly kisses on my neck, and his rigid cock lodged in my slot.  He's kind of wriggling a little bit, then I turn my head and see his arm outstretched for another condom.  Three times?  Lifting me gently, he enters me once more, but by now the pace has slowed somewhat, and we indulge in a leisurely, if conventional, fuck, me finally on my back, legs around his waist.  He spends some time thrusting in and out, then withdraws and flattens my legs onto the bed, now straddling my hips.

Ripping off the condom, he starts to jerk at his cock, his balls grinding against mine, then, once more, his cock starts to shoot over me.  It's as if he hadn't shot once, let alone for the third time.  I cannot hold back, roaring with laughter and congratulations, but he shrugs.  "Four is my best" he comments, then drops onto the bed next to me.  I glance at the clock, and see that it is now very late in the afternoon, and I've yet to check in with the family.  He stretches a little and suggests that he too should be making a move, so we shower together, dress and exchange lengthy kisses at the door before he departs...

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