Thursday, 18 May 2017

Intensely erotic...

Late(ish) evening, and the phone pings.  The Persian is nearby, and keen to pass by.  I'm just watching TV, so why not.

He arrives shortly, and enters.  We kiss and chat for a bit, then put on some porn (Timtales this time).  An exceptionally fit, tattooed and well hung young guy (even by porn standards), is drilling a beefier guy of a similar age, but as my head is buried in the Persians chest, sucking and biting his tits, I don't get to see too much of the action.  As he watches entranced, he's fondling my butt, and offering the occasional light slap.  The film ends soon enough, and we repair to the bedroom, and as we strip I notice he wearing his home made cock-ring once more, his balls held up tight and his cock jutting proud.  We kiss and bite each other some more, them I start to suck his dick, taking my time and also giving those big tight balls the occasional lick.  I work out that by placing myself at a 180 angle to him, I can swallow the whole cock, so I begin to do so, but this has him moaning and bucking, and me gagging.  I drop my head a little further, and take both his balls into my mouth, gently sucking and rotating them, and he obliges by tilting his head and taking my cock in his mouth.  This is very satisfying - having a mouthful of his sac I begin to draw back slightly, stretching it out with my teeth, more just to see if his taste for pain extends beyond his chest, and it seems it does.  He's very happy, and starts to play with my ass as he sucks me, sliding a spit-slicked finger into my hole, pushing me further down on to him as I alternate between sucking his cock and his balls.  He starts to get a little jabby with his fingers, and that has me grunting as I suck, but he takes this as encouragement and only goes harder.  What I don't know is that he's upped it to two fingers, but what I do know is that I'm enjoying the sensation immensely.  We break occasionally to turn and kiss each other, swapping spit and (less romantically) spitting out hair, but I return time and again to his crotch and give it my best.  He resumes the finger action, and it's kinda uncomfortable, but other than grunts I make no complaint.

He starts to edge (I can taste his pre-cum), and he begins to tongue fuck me, shoving me down on his pole as much as he can, but eventually I rise for air and he turns me around.  He's a big guy, and as he flips us onto the mattress, his full weight comes to rest on top of me and I'm squashed.  He laughs and rolls to the side, reaching for lube and condoms, requesting that I suit him up.  I do, and he pushes me to my stomach, swinging a leg over me and entering fast.  Despite the warm-up with the fingers, it damn well hurts, but as I've already been pretty vocal tonight I decide to endure and continue to voice myself as he drills away.  Finally, he flips me to my back and raises my legs, coming back inside me in one hit and resuming the pounding, then he starts to increase his tempo, finally shuddering to a halt and withdrawing, the loaded condom sagging off his cock.

Notwithstanding the pounding I've just received, my cock is still hard, so with a smile he drizzles the contents of the condom onto my cock, and watches me jerk off with it, his fingers back inside me.  From this position, I can make out that it's more than one in there, and as I pant and jerk, I ask him.  He laughs and tells me three, and I buck down on his fist and shoot my load.

After we bathe, he tells me of a hot young guy he's been talking to, and shows me his profile.  It's the Beard, and he wants to bottom for the Persian, so we might have another adventure to tell...

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