Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Energetic and acrobatic (part 2/2)

So we're rolling about and kissing, hands and tongues roaming, when the guy tells me he's starting to edge and wants to fuck.  We get him suited up, but he's not keen to penetrate just yet, content to roll me onto my stomach and slide his cock up and down my slot, and occasionally slapping it on my butt cheeks.  He lowers himself onto me, his mass a pleasing weight, and as he kisses the back of my neck he slowly intertwines his arms around me, lifting me slightly off the mattress as he embraces me from behind, and slowly guides his cock inside me.  It's a pleasant sensation - not so big it's painful, but not so small I can't feel anything.  In fact, it's just about right, and as he begins to slowly pump I find myself stretching out beneath him to grab the edge of the bed and exhale contentedly.  This, however is not really his idea, and I'm soon rolled to my side, and as he straddles one thigh (my other leg over his shoulder), he comes at me afresh from what, a 90degree? angle, his head thrown back, his hands strafing my chest.

I hadn't noticed, but as I was preparing for the bed, he'd bought our drinks with him, and an ashtray + cigarettes.  I'm not a fan of smoking in the bedroom, but as he withdraws and climbs off me to take a breather, his reach for the smoke and the drink seems both sexy and natural, so I stay in the moment.  As he draws deeply on the cigarette he is maintaining eye contact with me, then he wordlessly passes it over and I draw as well.  Retrieving the cigarette from me with one hand, he uses the other to drag me to the edge of the bed and re-enters me as he stands, staring at me in silence as he smokes and fucks intently, my legs now wrapped around his waist.  Ditching the cigarette, he takes advantage of this lever point to clamber onto the bed, my torso now bent back and him in a crouch position, drop-fucking me, when the sidewall of the mattress gives way.  It was almost comical, watching the surprised look on his face and his arms flailing as he fell backwards, but as he tried to find balance he slammed his head and body backwards into the 3/4 length windowpane with an almighty thud, then sank to the floor, clearly stunned.  I say almost comical - I live on the 10th floor and it could have ended badly...

I jump up and assist him to his feet, but you could almost see the birds circling his head as he lay down on the bed, groggy AF.  He recovers in a moment, then slaps my ass and tells me to go clean myself as he's going to put on a fresh condom.  I do and he does, then we're back into it, from almost every angle, pausing occasionally for a drink and shared cigarette, sweat dripping off us as he continues to pound my ass, and to drag his beard across my face in long lingering kisses.  I'm grateful the Chinese guy had passed by earlier - if not for the relief he'd provided, this guy would have had me shoot my load pretty damn fast.  As it goes, he moves onto a third condom, telling me once more to clean up as he's "enjoying my body", and with his dreamy eyes, sexy voice and remarkable stamina, I am also enjoying his.

Finally, we are back almost where we started, him standing by the bed, my legs around his waist, and his cock sawing in and out of me (we're now on the other side btw).  Arching his back, he withdraws and removes the condom, stroking himself to climax, rope after rope of cum striping my chest.

Shattered, we collapse together on the bed, and he rolls over to glance at the clock.  4 hours have passed, and with a yelp he leaps off the bed and into the shower, pausing only for juice and another cigarette before he departs...