Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Double header - again! (part two)...

The Soldier tells me he's on his way, which is relatively short notice (for both him and me).  He'd told me last time he wanted to fuck 'next time', so I head off to prepare.  Since the Rail-thin guy left, and despite a pretty comprehensive clean-up, I've had the whiff of santorum constantly, so I shower as well for good measure.

He arrives in due course, all smiles, and takes up a seat on the couch, asking for water and informing that he'd stopped smoking.  We sit and chat for a while, my recent travels, his and so on, and I can't help but notice he's significantly chunked up since we last met.  There's now a substantial belly (bigger than his chest), and his legs and butt now come close to filling his track pants (what he always wears when not in uniform apparently).  A substantial change from the guy I met just a few months back.  Perhaps it's a side-effect of not smoking.  After some further chit chat, he cocks an eyebrow at me.  "Yalla?" he asks, and I nod.

He walks to bedroom, then turns and awkwardly embraces me, planting a quick peck on my cheek and withdrawing quickly before I can reciprocate.  He pushes me to my knees, fully clothed, and drops his pants - the monster flops out, and I give it a gentle kiss, but he takes my jaw in his hand and forces the cock into my mouth, where it almost immediately swells and starts to block my airway.  Pulling my head away, I drag his pants off him and unbutton my shirt, then return to the task at hand.  He reaches down and begins to squeeze and pinch my nipples, bucking his hips into my face, withdrawing occasionally to slap my face with his cock.

From here it got a little weird.  Reaching down over my back, he starts to slap my rump, then pushes me down on to all fours.  He then sits on the edge of the bed and lifts a foot up, forcing the toes into my mouth, then using that foot to push me almost prone onto his other, lifting those toes slightly and into my mouth as well.  I'm feeling a little like a bitch at this stage, so I begin to push back, declining his grunted instructions and receiving another cock slap in reply, then a firm and rather painful slap on the rump as well.  Given his newly acquired bulk, I'm also finding it hard to get myself between his legs and my mouth around his balls, so I sit back and we stare at one another.

He realizes I'm not going to be his dog, so he stands and walks across the room, dragging a chair out from against the wall.  Leaning back on it, his cock resting on his belly, he beckons me over and guides my face back to his member, bucking it into my mouth in one thrust.  I choke a little, then swallow, and as he runs his hands through my hair he announces he's cumming, and holds me in place as he fills my mouth.  I suck him dry, then sit back on my haunches as he smiles at me.  "Good" he says, "Now I clean up", and heads to the bathroom.  So much for the fuck...

I dress as he washes, then he comes to the living room and resumes his place on the couch, returning to our earlier conversation as if nothing had happened.  Weird.  After maybe an hour of chat, in which his love of museums and a surprising number of mutual acquaintances emerges, I realize I'm hungry, and there are like 12 messages from my family, so I kick him out and get on with my evening...

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