Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Double header - again! (part one)...

So I've been chatting off and on for the past few weeks with a cute young guy - 25, 6', 150lbs and hung.  He's got a rail-thin body, a 6 pack, a perfectly formed butt & maybe 7" cut, all topped with a cute and handsome face.  He's also pretty smart and funny as well.  We've known from the get-out that to meet was a challenge, so the conversation has ranged over numerous topics (including the carnal).  He's new in town, and already hooked up (and living with), with an older guy he met online last year so I'm curious at his persistence, suspecting he might in fact be interviewing for a new Daddy.  Out of nowhere, he messages me yesterday, informing he was free, horny and nearby.  As it happened I was just packing up for the day, so we agreed to meet near my flat.   He's even better in the flesh (and said the same of me), and it's not too long before we find ourselves riding the elevator upstairs.  Once in, we're strangely formal - tea, snacks and more chat, then he begins to drift his hands over mine as he talks, then he leans in for a kiss.  We make out on the couch for quite a while, then he tells me he has an engagement shortly, and we should get into the bedroom if we're going any further.  That's all I need to hear, and we're inside quickly, my shirt already unbuttoned from our time on the couch, and his t-shirt somewhere on the living room floor.  We strip and fall onto the bed, kissing some more and rolling about, then he drops his head down and starts to suck me, his technique skilled as he teases me mercilessly, then I flip him about and go down on him, now in a 69.  His cock is kinda normal, which is odd given the pics he'd previously sent, but his balls are massive and I take my time with them, struggling to get both in my mouth at once, but I persevere and manage eventually.  As I suck them, I'm fingering his hole and he reciprocates, until I'm starting to edge a little.  I pull away from him, and notice that, like the Persian, his cock has grown somewhat, and the tip in now resting in his navel, so I dive back and suck it as much as I can, eventually managing to get the whole thing down, but I shortly start to gag a little, so break off and go up to kiss him.  He flips me to my back, and straddles me, our spit-slicked cocks sliding together as we kiss some more, then he reaches over and grabs the condoms.  To my surprise, he fits it onto me, then flops to his stomach and parts his legs.  I don't need a lot of encouragement, and I wrap my arms around him and buck in.  He's squirms and grunts, then he opens up and I slide right in, hilting at the first thrust.

He cries out a little, then bucks back into me, and I begin to thrust with him, enjoying the rare sensation (for me anyway), of fucking someone.  We try a couple of different positions, but the easiest is him prone on his front, so we revert to that. 

Now, whether he wasn't expecting to bottom, or I stirred something up, but after a while 'that smell' became apparent.  It's a turn-off for me, so I flipped him onto his back and asked where he wanted me to shoot, obliging him by dumping a modest but intense load on his 6-pack.

His cock has died during the fuck, so he doesn't want to fuck me, instead taking a shower and asking when he can return 'and get his revenge'.  I smile and tell him soon, then, after many lingering kisses, he's gone.

5 minutes later, the Soldier messages me...

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