Sunday, 7 May 2017

A date and a sleepover!

Having seen the Harus off, I quickly bathe and start to tidy the flat.  The Syrian is particularly houseproud, and my maid came yesterday, so there isn't much to do other than the conundrum of the cum-soaked linen.  There's no way I can get it turned around before he arrives, so I switch the a/c to high and get stuck in with a damp cloth.  All seems fine, and he arrives right on time.  He doesn't want a drink, merely tea, so we sit and chat for a bit before he announces that he's hungry and wants to go out for dinner.  Some discussion around location and cuisine ensues, and we settle on a local Indian restaurant.  We get there, and it's fine - he wants me to order, so I do, then he starts to tell me that he wants me to stay at his place tonight, he hasn't seen enough of me lately, and he fears for 'us' after I leave (now basically confirmed for mid-June).  I don't have the heart to tell him there is no 'us' after I leave, mostly because I don't want to confront the thought either, but I demur to his invitation and we finish our dinner, go back to mine and grab a toothbrush, then jump in his car.  I've got a late morning flight the next day, and he promises to have me back home in plenty of time.

We get to his place, and he busies himself with the usual routine of tea, chocolate and cigarettes, then we stretch out on the couch to watch some bad TV and merely enjoy one another's company.  After the meal we've just eaten, some digestion as well.   It's all very comfortable, my head in his lap as we watch, his hands gently stroking me, then he informs that he's tired and wants to go to bed.  It's all very domestic, bathroom, teeth and so on, then we climb into bed and smile at one another.  He reaches in to kiss me, telling me he's just too tired for sex tonight, but we will have our fun in the morning.  It's kinda nice just snuggling down with the guy, plus with the added bonus of my ass being spared another onslaught as well!

We wake early the next day (sunrise here is around 5am), and I slide to the bathroom for a leak & to brush my teeth.  On my return, I'm greeted with coffee, dates and rosewater, and him also with freshly brushed teeth.  We indulge in a leisurely daylight flip fuck, then spend an hour or so in our underwear watching the news etc., before it's time for him to run me home.  I could get used to this...


  1. I feel for you guys. Reading this makes me wish there was a solution somehow.

    1. thanks. It's close to 3 years that we've been fooling around together, and I have become rather fond of him...

  2. I've played with guys where there's a strong connection in and out of bed. But when it came to moving, I was usually more sad about losing a good fuck buddy than losing a friend. Maybe because with friendship, there other means to overcome that with technology but the physical aspect you can't substitute. Or maybe I just keep everyone at a distance no matter how intimate physically and emotionally I get.

  3. As always, well said. I think I'm the same re the distance thing...