Sunday, 9 April 2017

Not as quiet as it seems... (1/2)

So, I've spent a large part of the past few weeks on an aeroplane, encompassing SE Asia, the Middle East & the UK.  A grueling schedule, plus traveling with my boss, has left little time for hook-ups.  Cop 2 hit me up a few times, but soon tired of my long distance replies, and a muscle guy in Singapore (with whom I've messaged a few times over the course of my visits there), tried but we failed to connect.

So, back to my own part of the Sandlands, tired, jet-lagged and with blue balls.  With the recent bombings (but happily not that dreadful nerve gas business), the Syrian has hot-footed it home, and there have been very few other opportunities to do anything.  The young Egyptian guy passed by, but it was late and we were both tired, so it was soft only.

However, this weekend changed that, and I think I've set a new record (or possibly a new low).

The harus wants to meet, but he won't come to my flat.  He's very much 'rough trade', and my security detail shares his nationality and has thus worked out his place in society and treat him accordingly.  He wants cam sex, and as I've had a drink or three, I consent.  He wants to jerk off as I finger my hole, so I oblige and in due course he spurts what appears to be a monster load onto his kitchen benchtop before disconnecting.  Almost straight away, I get hit up by a guy who turns out to be in my building.  He's tall(ish) and Chinese, uncut and slim.  Very slim.  We chat for a bit, he seems ok and he's nearby, so why not.  Within minutes he's as my door, and as soon as I've closed it, he comes in and aggressively begins to kiss me and grope my crotch, almost immediately leading me to the bedroom and stripping off...

my neighbour...
He's clearly been watching a few porno movies, as he's all gruff and tough, trying to push me around and act like a super dom top.  Awkward when he's about a foot shorter than me.  We get down to it, and he shoves me onto the bed, telling me his 'flatmate' thinks he's downstairs smoking so he doesn't have too long.  After a brief 69, he drags me to the edge of the bed and raises my legs over his shoulders, then enters me.  His dick isn't that big, and frankly, I'm not feeling much, but he's energetic, jerking me off as he thrusts, and my swollen balls can't take much and soon explode.  With an audible splat I send a stripe of super thick cum up my chest, with a large pool gathering in my navel.  He gasps at both the speed and size of my load, and quickly withdraws to jerk himself off, his smallish load pooling with mine.  But then the fucker decides to spit in my face, so I literally kick him off me and tell him to get out.

I've re-dressed and am smoking, happy I've at least busted a nut, when Growlr pings.  6', 28y.o and built wants to chat, 'fessing up he's horny AF and wants to play.  He's also 1/2 mile away...
wouldn't you...?
I tell him I'd shot a load not an hour beforehand, but he's keen anyway, and arrives in due course.  Amazing.  Great build, dreamy eyes and floppy hair, he shares his IG feed and playlist with me over a few drinks and cigarettes, then he asks if I mind that he removes his dish-dash 'for comfort'.  Of course I don't, and as he shrugs it over his head, I can see the tentpole in his drawers, so I walk across and grab it through the fabric, leading him back to the couch.  We chat for a bit, then I notice he's somehow slid his drawers down, and a good sized cock is standing upright not a foot away, so I drop my head and give it a lick, nuzzling my face down under to give his balls a go as well.  He responds to this by shifting up to the back of the couch, his feet now on the cushion, and I slurp and suck for a bit before he drops back down and leads me to the bedroom.  He's a great kisser, and has a soft beard and 'tache, so we roll about for a bit, kissing and stroking, his hands fondling my balls as I run my fingernails up and down his back, then I suck him for a while more (he won't suck me), and then he positions himself between my legs and starts to drag his cock up and down my slot before asking for a condom.

At this point I'm happy to take him, but what I didn't know was that I was about to embark on one of the most energetic and lengthy fucks of my life.  More in part two...

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  1. You can't just stop there! :-)
    The spit thing is ballsy coming out of nowhere. Generally I only get into spit play with a self-professed sub into kink.