Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Statistical aberration...?

The quiet times are sadly ongoing.  The Syrian has been unwell, and despite daily messages, we haven't met for almost 2 weeks.  The soldier is back from vacation (not otherwise distracted as I thought), and is also in frequent contact, and perhaps tonight we'll meet.

But.  One guy has been pretty consistent in reaching out, and I finally decided to give him a shot.

My first thought was the disparity between the hairiness displayed in the dick pic and the smooth chest of the body shot, but it turns out the dick pic is his 'pre-gym' days, and the other is new.

After the usual chit-chat, he reveals that's he's a cop, sending me another dick pic, a face pic and a full uniform shot.  He's a 6'1" local, 28y.o. with a buzz cut.  In short, fucking hot.  Let's call him 'Cop 2'...

Anyway, he arrives, and sits down to smoke, asking for water as well.  We sit for a moment, awkward small talk, then he smiles and says 'shall we...', so I stand and lead him to the bedroom.

As we kiss, his hands roam my body, tugging and pulling at my clothes, until he has my jeans around my knees and my ass cupped in his hands.  We kiss some more, then he steps back and peels off his own clothes, gesturing for me to get naked as well, then he takes me in his arms and lowers us together onto the bed.

He's a fantastic kisser, happy to grind his cock against me as we do, repeatedly rolling us over and back, then guiding my head to his rather large cock.  As I lick it and his balls, he's breathing quite heavily and draws me back to kiss some more, then slowly moves my mouth across his chest and torso then ultimately back onto his cock.  As I suck, I can feel and taste his pre-cum, and I sense he's close.

Almost intuitively, he opens the correct nightstand drawer (there are 4), and locates the lube and condoms.  Suiting himself up, he flops to his back and lifts me onto him, but he's not quite hard enough to enter from that angle, so I roll to my stomach and he clambers across me.

He lies atop me, kissing the back of my neck and working his arms beneath me to hold, his hips guiding his cock into position.  "Tell me you want it" he whispers, so I do.  With that, he gently but determinedly enters me.  Pausing, withdrawing and re-entering, he finally gets his whole member into me, then stops to kiss my neck once more and ask if I'm ok.   I nod yes, and he kisses me again and begins to thrust actively, but at such an angle I feel no discomfort at all.  Eventually he withdraws and rolls me to my back, coming atop to kiss me some more, his cock insistent between my legs, and lo, he's back inside me, kissing madly as he thrusts and occasionally dropping his head to lick my chest.  His body is getting tense, and I can feel him edging, when he bucks out of me and sits upright.  Reaching down and grabbing my hips, he moves backwards off the bed until he is standing, dragging me with him, then raises my legs to his shoulders and leans back down to enter me again.  Given his height, I can only assume he's at a 45 degree angle to the floor, but he's determined and I'm enjoying, so all is good.

Finally his movements start to become erratic, and he withdraws - ripping off the condom, and with my legs wrapped around his waist, he begins to jerk off, and within seconds a torrent of thick white cum is unloaded on my stomach.  As he stands there panting, he reaches down and scoops some up, using it to jerk me off, and my load soon comes as well.  Still panting, he walks to the bathroom and enters the shower, returning to dress as I also bathe.  As he dresses, I spot him flexing and admiring himself in the floor length mirror, and as I exit the shower, he takes my hand and runs it over his body, telling me he'll be back soon.

Afterwards, we have a cigarette and watch some TV before he shrugs and says "imshi",* as he leans across to kiss me before leaving...

On a side note, as I was waiting for him to arrive it dawned on me that uniforms are statistically over-represented in my tales.  We've had 'the Cop', "Undercover', 'Ducati' and 'the Soldier', an untold and unpleasant incident with another cop many years back, and now this Cop 2.  Is this odd?

* 'imshi' is Arabic for "I'm outta here"

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  1. It's weird at times. I live in the Deep South and my statistical aberration is HVAC repairguys.
    It's unreal. All met online. All married. And all bottoms.
    At one point last year I was messing around with 4 of them. Makes me wonder if it's an aberration or something that needs researching. Ha