Thursday, 2 March 2017

Quiet times...

It's been pretty damn quiet tbh.  I've been traveling a lot, the Soldier has found other distractions, the Indian guy is also traveling and the Bro has been assigned a foreign country and departed.  The Falcon has been down the line a few times, but, having read some article or other, I've realized his demeanour, communication style & general behavior is totally that of a teenage fuckboy, so I now just ignore him.

The Syrian and I have fallen into a comfortable routine, meeting up maybe twice a week.  He's now semi-addicted to the reverse cowboy position, so I've had some pretty damned good orgasms, and we're spending as much, if not more, time together out of bed and just hanging out.  He's pretty cut up about my looming departure, and in a sense so am I.

But really, that's it...  I have my new post, and am tentatively exploring 'who's about' on the apps, and it looks encouraging.  More on that in time...

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