Monday, 13 February 2017

Reaping what you sow...?

So it's no secret that I'm on the apps often, or, to even the most casual reader of this blog, that I have a variety of sexual partners.  However, events of the past few days have sorta caused me to pause and reflect on my behavior (maybe), and wonder what I've become.

After getting hopelessly drunk the other night, I awoke to find a number of messages from the Driver, hoping to pass by.  At 3am...  Beyond this, I had planned a quiet weekend.  Until my phone beeped again at 10pm the next night.  It was the harus, desperate for a blow job, demanding I get in my car and go to him (he can't/won't come to me), followed by an awkward video call where he jerked off on camera, shouting "I know you like this" into the mike as he did so.  Just as I get rid of him, the phone beeps again, and it's the Soldier, telling me he misses me and can we meet again.  He then tells me he finishes at 1am, so he'll be with me by 02:00 if that's ok?  I tell him it's not.  He's put out, and starts sending me dick pics, before petulantly ending our conversation.  That his uniform was clearly visible was quite hot, but not hot enough.  Likewise, the Bro has been in regular contact, hopeful we can meet - again at odd hours - but our diaries haven't gelled.

Am I really 'that guy'?  The older go-to for a quick one?  Fuck I hope not - maybe it's a good thing my contract is up, perhaps I'm getting out of Dodge just in time...


  1. Is that a bad thing? You're the go to for a lot of fun in bed. Nothing wrong with that! Probably even better as you make deep connections that either quick or long on a conventional chronology, make it gratifying and satisfying

    1. bahaha - thanks! It's more about the time that they make contact, and the implied "open all hours" sign above my head...