Sunday, 12 February 2017

Double Head(er), part 2

After the Soldier has left, I confirm with the Persian.  He arrives at the appointed time, keen to watch some porn and to play.  At his request, I've downloaded a selection from "Men at Play", which he finds incredibly hot, bucking and shuffling on the couch before he reaches across and draws me into his arms.   We lay snuggled together for a bit, idly watching the film, the Persian occasionally commenting on 'how hot' certain scenes might be.  Before long he sits up and peels off his shirt, drawing my face to his chest and telling me to start biting and sucking his nipples.  This I do, his hands roaming over me and working their way into my trousers, squeezing my ass and roughly fondling my balls.

Soon enough, he wants to move to the bedroom, and we head in and strip off, falling onto the bed together as we kiss and grind our bodies together.  He's on a mission however, and my head (or more to the point, my teeth), are directed back to his pecs and nipples.  He wants to be licked, nipped, bitten and sucked in that area, even declining a blow job, so I work my way up, down and across, the whole time his body twitching and shuddering.  He has also intentionally draped his head backwards over the edge of the bed, telling me the ensuing dizziness adds to his pleasure.  It's kinda weird making out with what seems to be a headless body, but I get a rhythm going and he's quite vocal in his pleasure.

As I lie atop him, I begin to suck on his nipple, imitating the motions of a suckling baby.  This drives him over the edge, and as he clutches my head and bucks his body, I feel a sudden warmth and wetness where our bodies meet.  Yes, he's shot his load.

He's done, but I'm not.  He comes back properly onto the bed and sits me astride him, encouraging me to jerk off and shoot my load all over his chest.  I'm nowhere near this point yet, but he reaches down and begins to massage by balls as I stroke myself, his increasing roughness making me harder and harder, and suddenly that shiver runs through me and I drop a weeks worth onto his hairy chest.

He's delighted by this, rubbing the cum into himself and apologizing we never got to actually fuck, then it's time for him to shower and leave.  So he does...

It's not yet 10pm, and I'm still horny.  Hoping for maybe a triple play, I put out a few calls, but all are busy it seems, except for the Harus.  However, he's come over all shy and will no longer visit my hotel.  I live in a very structured society - my own security guys have correctly tagged him as 'rough trade' and treat him accordingly.  Thus, he only wants to have sex in the car, and that's a little too low, even by my standards...

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