Sunday, 5 February 2017

Double Head(er), part 1

So my week has been quiet (again).  A few hits on the apps, but nothing of interest.  All are either too short (sub 5'6"), or too heavy (200lbs +), and, far too often, both!  I'm neither shortist nor weightist - it's just a question of a good physical fit when doing the deed, so don't judge...

However, one guy has been persistent.  He's actually pretty nice on paper (28, 6'2", 185lbs) , and after some chat he sends through a pic, quickly followed by a face pic.  Dammit, he's handsome as well!

Turns out the guy is a serving soldier, and a bi-curious top.  He's keen to meet, and I've got bupkes happening, so why not.  The Persian guy is also messaging me almost daily, but the sex with him has been kinda hard work, so I stall him 'till I get this guy sorted.

After some chat, the Soldier asks "how about now", and as it happens I am just finishing at work so I agree.  We meet at a coffee shop v close to my place, and I point at my building and ask if he wants to head there or stay and grab a coffee, and he smiles and gestures towards my home.

As we walk, he tells me of his recent trips to France and the UK, and how much he loves the men there, and this chat continues as we ride in the elevator and into my living room.  Once the door closes, he's all business.  He grabs my shoulders and turns me around, pretty much frisking me, his hands lingering on my crotch and squeezing my ass, then he steps back and heads for the couch, requesting some water.  As he sits and sips, we talk some more, then I ask him what he'd like to do.  "Get my cock sucked" is his reply, so I gesture to the bedroom and he's off like a rabbit, stripping as he goes, and throwing himself onto the bed.  I likewise undress and climb onto him, but he won't kiss, preferring to continue his exploration of my body with his hands only, my head being eventually guided to what seems to be a pretty normal cock.  I do what I do, and it begins to grow.  And grow.  As I lick it, I actually run out of saliva along the length and have to start again, and as I lift my head, I see his tip is lying maybe an inch past his navel, so I'm not surprised to have to 're-wet'...

He knows it's a monster, and is pretty skilled at working it in my mouth without making me gag, and I continue to suck him for some time before he shuffles his body up the bedhead and starts to bounce his hips, finally pushing me aside and standing beside the bed.  As I sit n suck, he's got the back of my head in his hands, his hips bucking into me, but it's too much and I do start to gag.  So he drags me off the bed onto the floor, then lifts me to my knees.  Still standing, he jams his cock back into my mouth, and I manage to deep throat him, but after repeated thrusts I start to gag again.  He doesn't like this at all, and reaching down, he begins to spank me, the sound of the slaps echoing in the room as I mumble and slurp at my task.

He pauses for a moment to ask if I want to eat his load or wear it on my face, but then shrugs - "too late" he says as he unleashes in my mouth, his prodding cock forcing me to swallow a surprising small and taste-free load.

He then literally swings his leg over my head and walks to the bathroom, cleaning up, dressing and exiting without uttering another word...

As it's barely 5pm, I decide I can meet the Persian, and message him in the affirmative.

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