Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Start the year with a bang...

I spent Xmas and new year in Sin City, with a view to revisiting some of my old haunts.  Sadly that didn't pan out so well, in particular the guaranteed fun sauna places that are now all staffed by women!!!  The long-held ban on mixed gender massage appears to have been repealed (or is now ignored).  Social media provided no insights, so it was a dry few weeks.

Poor planning saw me on a plane back to my hometown on Jan 1st, but the Syrian was waiting for me at the airport, his face alight with excitement as I came through the gates.  A brief embrace, then into the car, and we weren't a minute inside my apartment before he had my face in his hands and his tongue down my throat.  We're quickly in the bedroom, struggling to get our clothes off, but soon enough horizontal together.  What followed wasn't anything I haven't documented previously, but it was nonetheless satisfying and enjoyable.  In an unusual move he asked if he could unload inside me, and as he's suited up, I had no problem with that.  As he bucked and thrust into me from underneath, I actually found myself riding him as I would a mechanical bull, which felt amazing.  His hands were wrapped around my cock, so he's jerking me as he bucks, and with our balls slapping together, my week+ load shot into the air and back down all over his hands and my shaft.

To feel him cum inside me was odd.  I didn't actually feel anything, which was strange given his size - no pulse, no twitch, just a straining upwards as he filled the condom, then a sigh and withdrawal.

A great way to start the year, but kind of disappointing in a way...

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