Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Return of the Bro

I'm having a frankly shitty day at work, and decide I've had enough.  Telling my secretary I'm out for the remainder of the day, I depart and head to my flat.  Keen for a bit of mid-afternoon action, I fire up the apps and get an immediate hit from the Bro, who happens to be nearby.  He's been messaging me regularly, telling me how blue his balls are and wanting to know when we can reconnect (I'm pretty happy about this).  After some idle chit chat, he finally asks "wanna fool around", and of course I say yes.  Within 15 minutes he's at my door, with his whole "aw shucks" demeanour, and I finally grab the back of his head and draw him down to kiss.  As we do, his hands are roaming and tugging at my clothes, and we're soon naked and horizontal on the bed.  We make out for a while, but he keeps breaking away and laughing at how close he is to cumming, and I tell him it's sex, not a competition, and to do what feels good.  He knows I have some porn, and I've recently connected to laptop to the bedroom TV, so I switch it on, and play an early Cadinot (Harem or Hammam - can't remember).  I push him onto his back, then flip him to his stomach so that his feet are pointing at the headboard and he has a clear view of the TV, I then face his feet and sit astride his back, diving into his globes to rim him.  He's twitching and moaning, and occasionally a full shudder runs through him, but I'm relentless.  I want to eat that ass.  I also drag his cock backwards and start to lick the head as well, swirling my tongue up, down, and across his balls, and as I drive my tongue into his hole once more, he begs me to stop and rolls out from under me.  He resumes his position astride me, kissing as he grinds against my body, and I tell him he can do whatever he wants...

At this, he smiles and reaches across to the nightstand, withdrawing condoms and lube, and to my semi-surprise he suits me up.  I'm on my back, and he leans down to kiss me, working his slot on my cock, then with a wriggle and a slide I feel myself enter him.  His kisses become more intense as I slide my length in, but he does eventually push himself back and sit fair on my hips, gaining us both maximum satisfaction.  He begins to work his body up and down, his arms flexing slightly as he bottoms out on me, his pecs dancing in unison as he does, his eyes closed as he moves his body to some silent melody.

Thank fuck I'm suited, as I reckon I'd have shot pretty quickly - his internal muscles are grabbing and releasing me, but not quite in synch with his movements, which only serves to heighten the sensations for both of us.  His own cock is bobbing up and down, and I reach forward and hold it, letting his motion provide the friction, but he pushes my hand away and says he's too close.  I tell him that I'd like to see him let rip when he comes, and there's an area immediately outside my bedroom door that offers a perfect 'landing strip' for his load.  He contemplates this for a second then smiles and agrees, so we climb off the bed.  He positions himself in the doorway, grasping the frame as I re-enter him from behind, then I begin to pump.  It's kinda tricky - he's a lot taller than me, he's got a girls ass, and I've just got a normal sized dick, but we manage, his globes rippling a little as I pump.  Suddenly he tenses up and let's fly with his load, and it's impressive.  Maybe a square metre of the floor is dotted and marked with ropes and sprays of his cum, and I rip off the condom and jerk off next to him.  My load wasn't quite so impressive, but it made a satisfying splat as it hit the floorboards.

From here we clean up a little, then fall back onto the bed.  We lie together, idly chatting and occasionally kissing,  when he tells me he should make tracks as he has a lunch at 3pm.  I tell him it's actually 3:30, and he leaps out of the bed, dressing as he hops across the floor and bolts out the door.

Despite having shot, I'm still pretty horny.  After dinner I decide to hit up the Syrian, and perhaps the Harus, hoping for a triple header, but both are busy so I console myself with a few drinks and go to bed alone...

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