Wednesday, 11 January 2017


So it's a quiet Tuesday night, and my phone pings.  The Syrian wants to know how I am, what I'm up to, and how much he misses me.  I tell him I'm having a quiet night, but if he wants coffee...

He's at my door within 20 minutes, a remarkable feat given the traffic here.  In he comes, and we do have coffee, chatting, smoking and generally chilling together.  Now that it's colder here, the bugs have come out and thus the windows need to be kept closed.  Ever mindful of this, he always gets up and closes the bedroom door whenever he lights up at mine, but tonight he's actually bought me one of those water driven air fresheners, "so we don't have to smell".  So cute.

After a bit of a sprawl on the couch, he leans across and kisses me, and I him.  We retire to the bedroom and begin our fun, but tonight I'm like super horny and I want to top.   After some extended making out, I flip him to his stomach, then climb onto his back.  I've not shaved, and, sitting astride him and facing his feet, I spit into his slot and work my stubbly chin in there, licking his sack as I wriggle my face in his ass, my arms stretched out and holding his ankles.  His cock is too fat (and rigid) to draw back, so I content myself with rimming him repeatedly, licking the underside of his balls and shoving my tongue into his hole.  All of this has him shuddering and gasping, so I up the ante a little and begin to nip at his butt cheeks as well, dragging my chin over his bud and gently abrading it as well.

My own cock is sky high and rock hard, and I decide to give it a shot.  I slap his butt quite hard, then turn myself around to give him another go with my tongue, then slowly worked it up his back until I am kissing and licking the back of his neck.  His face is buried in the bedding, so I persevere and position myself in his slot, sliding around a little until I find the mark.  A quick hip flick and I'm in, the Syrian gasping and lifting his head, but not resisting me.  I slide a little further in, and he's whimpering a little, but not pushing me out, so I continue, finally finding myself balls deep in the guy.  I begin a gentle thrust, but lube free it's a bit coarse, and I don't want to hurt him, so I ease all the way back in and go forward to kiss him.

He is lying beneath me, head now turned to one side, and grinning like the Cheshire Cat.  I had expected him to be grimacing, and tell him so.  "But habibi", he replies, "You make it feel so good"

I take this as encouragement to fuck, but it's soon pretty clear he's enduring it rather than enjoying it, so I withdraw and we return to making out.  Soon enough he has me on my side, his own fat cock straining at my hole before he plunges in from behind me, one of my legs draped over his hip.  He goes hard at me from this angle, the whole time his lubed hand working my cock, and I suddenly cry out and bear down on him as my dick shoots a reasonable load across the sheets.  He's laughing maniacally at this, and withdraws to jerk himself off, his surprisingly small load trailing across my stomach.

After showers we enjoy more tea, cigarettes and chat, then it's time for him to leave...


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