Wednesday, 11 January 2017

A date?

I'm idly scrolling through Growlr, checking people I've blocked, open galleries and so on.  In other words, bored to tears.  I'm come across a profile that's, frankly, remarkable.  Lebanese guy, 6' and 75kgs, rocking a swimsuit body and a fat lengthy cock.  The pics are open (and fabulous), and I've no recollection of why I blocked him.  So I unblock and view the profile, knowing this will register on his side.  Sure enough, within 30 minutes I get a 'hi', and we start to chat.  We seem like a good match, so agree to meet for coffee later that evening.

He's nominated a shisha place, and I'm fine with that.  He arrives right on time, and he's not quite the profile pics.  Probably 15kgs heavier, a pronounced bald spot, but he's funny and charming, so we continue with our 'date'.  We're by the seaside, it's after 9pm and the wind is both vicious and freezing, and all I've got is a sweater on.  Finally I can bear no more, and after a 3rd coffee he notices this and offers to 'warm me up', so we get the bill and head for the car.  It's only a short drive to my place, but of course the concierge is about and watches us pass through the lobby with raised eyebrows.  Like he hasn't seen the number of 'visitors' I have...

We get upstairs and he immediately comes in to kiss, his remarkably supple lips working across my face as his hands begin to disrobe us, then it's into the bedroom and horizontal.  He's as passionate in bed as he was in the living room, and we spend much time grinding against one another as we kiss.  Happily, the cock is as per the profile, and after much tongue kissing, my head is guided south.  I run my tongue over his balls, then up the shaft and work the tip before swallowing it whole.  This causes him to gasp and draw his knees up, trapping me between his thighs and his stomach, his cock lodged down my throat.  I do what I can, but eventually need some air, so I drag my face up and we kiss some more.  He wants me back down there, so I return my mouth to his now dripping cock (unusual for an Arab - they're not usually pre-cummers), and continue to suck as he squirms and wriggles his body around.  What he is in fact doing is setting up for a 69, and suddenly his mouth is wrapped around my cock, and we suck on each other with a rare intensity, breaking only to lick one another's balls or bite inner thighs.  After using his unshaven chin to abrade my shaft, I beg him to stop and he finally sits up, swinging himself around and sitting astride my hips as I look up at him.  He leans down to kiss some more, then sits upright again and spits on my dick.  Working it with both his hands, he provides me with an outstanding handjob, and I soon shoot my load.  Grinning at me, he then grabs his own and begins to furiously jerk off, his hands a blur as they move up and down, before he raises himself slightly and begins to unload on me.

The first shot hit my shoulder, the second, much thicker one, left a stripe down my entire torso, and the next few left a spatter pattern all over my stomach.  Slumping forward onto me, he kisses me some more, then leads me to the shower.  We wash each other, then he dries, dresses and leaves...

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