Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The long weekend (part 3/3)

After the Indian guy departed, I kind of just floated around until I got a message from The Syrian - "can you come now" he asks.  By this time it's far too late for lunch, and waaaay too early for dinner, so I'm guessing he's got fun-dinner-fun on his mind, and I'm good with that, so off I head.

Turns out it's not too late for lunch at all, and as soon as I arrive I'm kissed and told to sit at the table, whereupon a variety of wonderful smelling local dishes appear from his tiny kitchen, and we eat together.  On occasion I'm spoon fed which is rather more awkward than romantic, but he's giggling at it all and I'm content.  After the meal (which was delicious), we sprawl together on his newly acquired rug and floor cushion arrangement, idly talking and smoking as we sip tea and nibble at dessert.  It's all very nice, and my decline of a third cup of tea suggests to him it's action time, so he clears everything away and returns to kiss me as he runs his hands through my hair.  Winter has struck in my part of the world, and although it's incredibly mild compared to some, I'm freezing and I tell him so.  His reply is to suggest we get under the covers together, and I leap to my feet and run to the bedroom, leaving a trail of clothes behind.  He follows me, laughing and whooping as he strips off as well and we dive, more-or-less together, naked onto the bed.

All he wants is for me to be warm, so he devotes much time to rubbing my feet and hands, and an awful lot of time kissing me under the covers.  Gradually I lose the chill, and assume a more active role, reciprocating his actions.  Conscious that at our last few encounters I've been quite passive, I ensure he gets a thorough blow job, working his cock head with my tongue and his balls with my fingertips - he's twitching and shuddering at this, and finally he drags me up to kiss, his saliva drenched cock sliding and butting against my stomach.  He flips me over and starts to rim me, his moustache dragging both at my hole and against my butt cheeks, then he slowly kisses his way up my back, coming to rest with his cock in my slot.  He starts to grind a little, and he's trying to get inside, but I roll back and point to the nightstand.  Once he's suited up, he flips me back and douses my ass in lube, and resumes his dry fuck, then he slides his arms around my chest and starts to enter me.  This really isn't my favourite position with bigger guys, but he enjoys it, so I endure the discomfort for a while, whimpering slightly each time he bottoms out in me, until I can stand it no more.

I flip him off me and onto his back, whereupon I climb aboard and guide his cock back inside me.  It's actually not that much more comfortable, and he sits upright, still inside me, and lowers me to my back, somehow turning us around so that I'm jammed against the headboard, which is doing me no favours.  I wriggle him around a bit more, and end up 'cross-style', draped over his hips at 90degrees, and he's bucking into me for all he's worth, panting and moaning, and occasionally letting rip with more animalistic noises.  Finally, he withdraws and raises my legs into the air and comes back in from between my legs.  He's going strongly, but I'm oddly unaroused.  Despite much stimulation with his hands and mouth, the best I can manage is semi-hard, so I relax and tell him to just enjoy himself, which is all he needs to hear.

Me on my back, him holding my ankles out, he's fucking me harder than he's ever done, shuddering and twitching and he thrusts and withdraws, before releasing his grip, ripping off the condom and dumping a good sized load on me.  Resting his hands on my knees, he seems to be a broken man - panting for air, body slumped, he's shaking his head slowly, as if trying to clear some sort of fog.  "Junun", he keeps saying over and over again.  "Junun, junun..."Then he smiles.  "It means madness", he says, "when I am with you I am crazy..."

We lie together for a time, nestled in each others arms, then revert to our familiar ritual. Shower, tea, cigarettes.  We watch some godawful action film together, then at around midnight I leave...

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