Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The long weekend (part 2)

Finally, the Indian guy and I have a match with our diaries, and he passes by my place mid-afternoon.  We sit and catch up for a bit, have a few drinks and cigarettes, then as he reaches for yet another smoke I lean over and take it from his hand and stand, cocking my head towards the bedroom.  In we go, kissing briefly before disrobing, and we're just stretched out together on the bed, kissing and rolling about, our hands running up and down each others body, just reveling in the sensations of physical contact and being together.  He tells me he's had quite a dry spell, to the extent he's not even certain when his last encounter was (since he was with me anyway).  It seems his relationship with his FB has become a platonic one, and whilst not wanting for company, his actual sex life has kind of disappeared.

After a lot of kissing and some mutual sucking, we get to the stage where it's fuck time, and he's not that keen to be penetrated, so I'm to be the bottom this time.  On our last meet we flipped, but not today.  He duly suits up, but as we wriggle into position he begins to deflate a little, and despite our best efforts, nothing is happening for him.  He sighs and removes the condom, still sitting astride me, and he takes both our cocks into one hand and begins to slowly and gently jerk us together.  This is a great feeling, and his slightly scratchy balls moving against mine only add to the sensations, and as I arch my back and begin to spasm, he lets go of my dick and lets me focus on my own pleasure as he does the same.  Too soon I shoot a modest load, and moments later he lets out a cry and begins to spurt shot after shot onto me, the first hitting the pillow beside my head, the rest trailing down my body.

He rests back on my drawn knees for a bit, then we kiss and cuddle some more, before it's time to clean up and he exits after another drink and I ready myself for dinner with the Syrian.

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