Monday, 12 December 2016

The long weekend (part 1)

So I'm casually minding my business at home, idly contemplating the upcoming long weekend, when Scruff beeps at me.  A very (like stupidly) cute face is looking at me, and the details are, frankly, a little incredible.  6'3", 180lbs, versatile and 24.  It seems the younger guys are really onto my case lately, and, tbh, I'm not really complaining.  As an aside, you'll have to forgive the shitty photo arrangements - I really am a neophyte at this (if anyone can advise, I'd be grateful).

Artists impression...
... this,

attached to this...

...and this.

So, I'm supposed to hook up with the Falcon, but history tells me that he's going to flake, so I tell the guy to head over.  He's mentioned in our chat that he's into all sorts of stuff (mostly vanilla), ... "and threesomes".  He's on the road, and the Persian comes through, looking for action also.  I'd told him earlier that he was too rough for my taste, and he's full of apologies, thinking it was what I'd wanted.  I take the initiative to hit the young guy back up, asking if 'a mate' can join us, and after some pics are sent, he's keen, as is the Persian.  So it appears I'm to host my first threesome!

They arrive within minutes of each other, and the young guy is incredible.  Even more handsome than his pics, built magnificently, and, despite his local heritage, a slow American drawl.  Let's call him Bro.  I'm actually flustered by his appearance and demeanour, and the Persian goes all gruff and butch (I suspect to conceal the same).  We're quickly into the bedroom, exchanging kisses as we undress, the Persian guy trying very hard to be in charge, the young guy indifferent to this and I'm so fucking nervous I don't know what to do.  The young guy and I begin to kiss (I'm on my toes), and we gently fall to the bed where the Persian is already sprawled, dragging each of us by the hair to his chest whereupon we set to work on a nipple each.  Chewing on these and having our heads dragged up to kiss or down to suck, we both set about pleasuring the guy, but his porn talk is both corny and offputting, so I move in to kiss him further (and shut him up) as the young guy goes to work on his cock.  The Persian is squirming and wriggling, and asks if the young guy wants to be fucked, which he does, but only if he can fuck me as it's being done to him.  After some maneuvering, we're kind of in position, but at the first thrust from the Persian the young guy shouts out and immediately loses his hard-on.  I'm then pushed slightly to the side as the Persian brutally fucks him, holding him by the hair as he delivers it doggy style, my legs intertwined between theirs as I lay there and watch, the young guy crying out in both pleasure and pain.  Suddenly, that smell hits, and the Persian immediately withdraws to check what's going on, but we can find no evidence of anything.  They both go to the bathroom to clean up anyway, and as he returns the Persian tells me the smell is a deal breaker and he's leaving as soon as he fucks me and has a 'proper' shower.  Re-suiting, he climbs onto the bed and draws my hips onto him, impaling me on that fat cock of his, and it's pretty uncomfortable - the young guy is kissing me and telling me to relax, and with his hard-on back in action, I suck him as the Persian fucks me.  Too soon he withdraws, swearing, tells me the condom has broken, and shaking his head he returns to the bathroom.  The smell, btw, has gone.

As the Persian bathes, the young guy crawls into my arms and tells me that one-on-one is really more his scene, but he was keen to experiment.  The Persian exits and dresses, shakes his head at the two of us and makes for the door.  I grab a towel around my waist and see him out, returning to the youngster sprawled in my bed.  We make out for quite some time, kissing, frotting and mutual 69ing, and he offers to fuck me, and I accept.  He suits up and flips me to my stomach, and with his arms wrapped around my chest he bucks into me, his cock finding the mark and entering smoothly.  We continue like this for a bit, then he withdraws and flips me to my back, planting my feet on his chest as he looms above me, running his hands up and down my thighs and telling me how sexy I am (?!?), before he leans down to kiss me and re-enter, bottoming out inside me and holding position as we kiss some more.  But my legs are wrapped around my head by now and I have to straighten, so I widen my knees and get my legs out beside him, knees around his hips as he continues to fuck.  He asks where I want him to cum, and I tell him wherever he wants, and he smiles and says "you gotta watch me cum", ripping off the condom and starting to jerk off.  Holy hell.  As he arches his back, the ropes start flying past my head, the fourth or fifth on my face, and subsequent down my torso.  He smiles and says "I was holding back too - my best is 2 yards"...  He leans down and scoops up some of his load and begins to jerk me off, his patience breaking into a smile as a stripe of my own cum splats up my body.

From here, he rearranges himself into the lotus position, my legs still around his hips, and we talk.  And we talk.  A college guy, he's a full-on bro, but openly gay, and I get the usual college talk, interspersed by an occasional lean down to kiss my thighs and now sleeping dick.  As he talks, his hands roaming up and down my legs and idly playing with my balls, he tells me he has no problem showing affection, but finds it very difficult to receive.  Again, his father is of a race that is very stern and I'm the faux-daddy it seems.  He's also rabidly anti-materialism, and determined to lead life "alone with porn and his left hand", which kind of begs why he's with me atm.  Eventually he lays himself atop me and we kiss under the covers for a little while, but it's time he left.  After a wash-up he dresses and asks when we can re-meet alone, then leaves.  The following day I get a very 'bro-ful' message reinforcing his desire for a rematch.

Never heard from the Falcon...

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