Monday, 5 December 2016

Back to back fun

So it's been a long week, and no chance to meet anyone.  Finally the weekend rolls around, and I'm coerced into returning to the beach house, and with the thought of the Driver in my head, I do.  However, a busy day following means I have to return late at night, and despite some encouraging signals from the Euro guy (who has also returned), I leave around midnight.  The Driver is smiling and waiting, but informs me as we arrive back at mine that he has some errands to run and won't be coming back upstairs with me.  Damn.

The next day I'm poleaxed, and cancel all my engagements.  I chat briefly with the Indian guy, but he's indisposed, and so I return to bed.  The Syrian messages me at lunchtime, having unexpectedly returned, and I tell him I am still in bed, and extend an invite for him to join me.

He's with me within the hour, and upon entering he smiles at me and tells me to go back to bed as he busies himself in my kitchen.  He soon enters the bedroom, wearing only his briefs and carrying tea and snacks which he places beside the bed before climbing in, and we spend an hour or so just talking and cuddling before hands begin to stray, and we're soon naked and kissing.  We spend a gentle hour or two having sex, him taking me in a variety of positions before he slides under me and enters me from below, but once more his primary focus is my pleasure.  The guy really is a fucking treasure, and why I don't devote myself to him, I don't know.  Ultimately, I am on my back, being jerked off as he fucks me, before he withdraws and shoots on my chest as well.  We clean up, then return to cuddling, enjoying our extended time together and with me as the 'big spoon', we sleep for the remainder of the afternoon.  Never got to the snacks...

It's dark when we awake, and he leaps out of bed in a hurry, showers and leaves.  I check my phone and see a number of offers on the apps, including the Persian, who's keen to 'come and rape me', and another guy I've been chatting to off and on for a few weeks.  I find the Persian too rough, and I'm not keen for a rematch with him, but the other guy seems of interest, so we agree for him to pass by just before dinner.

I'm unnaturally keen to back myself onto this cock, and he arrives at precisely the agreed time.  He's straight into it, taking my head into his hands as soon as the door is closed behind us, his soft and willing mouth complemented by a remarkably unscratchy full beard, and our heights are perfect.  Soon he leads me to the bedroom, and we quickly get naked and begin full body contact kissing, his cock grinding against my stomach, and my own working its way up and down his slot, when he suddenly drops his head and commences a spectacular blow job, pausing only to resume kissing and frotting.  Eventually I get him on his back, and begin to work my mouth along his jaw and down his throat and chest, working my tongue into his navel and then swirling it down to lick his balls.  He's squirming quite dramatically by now, and I reach up to take his pulsating cock in my hand and lick it slowly.  Suddenly, he arches his back and begins to spurt, generating a huge amount of cum that is both in my hair and all over his rather flat stomach, so I lick up what I can and snowball it into his mouth. His vigour as he sucked it out of my mouth was only tempered by my inadvertent brushing of his still sensitive cock-head, which saw him roll dramatically away from me.  He then asked me to straddle his torso and shoot my own load on his face, which given the session I had had with the Syrian just hours before seemed unlikely.  However, I did my best and surprised us both with a reasonable gush onto his beard.  At this, he leapt of the bed and headed for the bathroom, then dressing and leaving almost immediately.  I reckon he was with me for under 30 minutes, but Fast would have been proud!


  1. Wow, the quickie is beautiful! Funny how your day was bookended in completely different satisfying encounters.

    1. well yes, but a bit of penetration second time around would have been nice!