Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The long weekend (part 3/3)

After the Indian guy departed, I kind of just floated around until I got a message from The Syrian - "can you come now" he asks.  By this time it's far too late for lunch, and waaaay too early for dinner, so I'm guessing he's got fun-dinner-fun on his mind, and I'm good with that, so off I head.

Turns out it's not too late for lunch at all, and as soon as I arrive I'm kissed and told to sit at the table, whereupon a variety of wonderful smelling local dishes appear from his tiny kitchen, and we eat together.  On occasion I'm spoon fed which is rather more awkward than romantic, but he's giggling at it all and I'm content.  After the meal (which was delicious), we sprawl together on his newly acquired rug and floor cushion arrangement, idly talking and smoking as we sip tea and nibble at dessert.  It's all very nice, and my decline of a third cup of tea suggests to him it's action time, so he clears everything away and returns to kiss me as he runs his hands through my hair.  Winter has struck in my part of the world, and although it's incredibly mild compared to some, I'm freezing and I tell him so.  His reply is to suggest we get under the covers together, and I leap to my feet and run to the bedroom, leaving a trail of clothes behind.  He follows me, laughing and whooping as he strips off as well and we dive, more-or-less together, naked onto the bed.

All he wants is for me to be warm, so he devotes much time to rubbing my feet and hands, and an awful lot of time kissing me under the covers.  Gradually I lose the chill, and assume a more active role, reciprocating his actions.  Conscious that at our last few encounters I've been quite passive, I ensure he gets a thorough blow job, working his cock head with my tongue and his balls with my fingertips - he's twitching and shuddering at this, and finally he drags me up to kiss, his saliva drenched cock sliding and butting against my stomach.  He flips me over and starts to rim me, his moustache dragging both at my hole and against my butt cheeks, then he slowly kisses his way up my back, coming to rest with his cock in my slot.  He starts to grind a little, and he's trying to get inside, but I roll back and point to the nightstand.  Once he's suited up, he flips me back and douses my ass in lube, and resumes his dry fuck, then he slides his arms around my chest and starts to enter me.  This really isn't my favourite position with bigger guys, but he enjoys it, so I endure the discomfort for a while, whimpering slightly each time he bottoms out in me, until I can stand it no more.

I flip him off me and onto his back, whereupon I climb aboard and guide his cock back inside me.  It's actually not that much more comfortable, and he sits upright, still inside me, and lowers me to my back, somehow turning us around so that I'm jammed against the headboard, which is doing me no favours.  I wriggle him around a bit more, and end up 'cross-style', draped over his hips at 90degrees, and he's bucking into me for all he's worth, panting and moaning, and occasionally letting rip with more animalistic noises.  Finally, he withdraws and raises my legs into the air and comes back in from between my legs.  He's going strongly, but I'm oddly unaroused.  Despite much stimulation with his hands and mouth, the best I can manage is semi-hard, so I relax and tell him to just enjoy himself, which is all he needs to hear.

Me on my back, him holding my ankles out, he's fucking me harder than he's ever done, shuddering and twitching and he thrusts and withdraws, before releasing his grip, ripping off the condom and dumping a good sized load on me.  Resting his hands on my knees, he seems to be a broken man - panting for air, body slumped, he's shaking his head slowly, as if trying to clear some sort of fog.  "Junun", he keeps saying over and over again.  "Junun, junun..."Then he smiles.  "It means madness", he says, "when I am with you I am crazy..."

We lie together for a time, nestled in each others arms, then revert to our familiar ritual. Shower, tea, cigarettes.  We watch some godawful action film together, then at around midnight I leave...

The long weekend (part 2)

Finally, the Indian guy and I have a match with our diaries, and he passes by my place mid-afternoon.  We sit and catch up for a bit, have a few drinks and cigarettes, then as he reaches for yet another smoke I lean over and take it from his hand and stand, cocking my head towards the bedroom.  In we go, kissing briefly before disrobing, and we're just stretched out together on the bed, kissing and rolling about, our hands running up and down each others body, just reveling in the sensations of physical contact and being together.  He tells me he's had quite a dry spell, to the extent he's not even certain when his last encounter was (since he was with me anyway).  It seems his relationship with his FB has become a platonic one, and whilst not wanting for company, his actual sex life has kind of disappeared.

After a lot of kissing and some mutual sucking, we get to the stage where it's fuck time, and he's not that keen to be penetrated, so I'm to be the bottom this time.  On our last meet we flipped, but not today.  He duly suits up, but as we wriggle into position he begins to deflate a little, and despite our best efforts, nothing is happening for him.  He sighs and removes the condom, still sitting astride me, and he takes both our cocks into one hand and begins to slowly and gently jerk us together.  This is a great feeling, and his slightly scratchy balls moving against mine only add to the sensations, and as I arch my back and begin to spasm, he lets go of my dick and lets me focus on my own pleasure as he does the same.  Too soon I shoot a modest load, and moments later he lets out a cry and begins to spurt shot after shot onto me, the first hitting the pillow beside my head, the rest trailing down my body.

He rests back on my drawn knees for a bit, then we kiss and cuddle some more, before it's time to clean up and he exits after another drink and I ready myself for dinner with the Syrian.

Monday, 12 December 2016

The long weekend (part 1)

So I'm casually minding my business at home, idly contemplating the upcoming long weekend, when Scruff beeps at me.  A very (like stupidly) cute face is looking at me, and the details are, frankly, a little incredible.  6'3", 180lbs, versatile and 24.  It seems the younger guys are really onto my case lately, and, tbh, I'm not really complaining.  As an aside, you'll have to forgive the shitty photo arrangements - I really am a neophyte at this (if anyone can advise, I'd be grateful).

Artists impression...
... this,

attached to this...

...and this.

So, I'm supposed to hook up with the Falcon, but history tells me that he's going to flake, so I tell the guy to head over.  He's mentioned in our chat that he's into all sorts of stuff (mostly vanilla), ... "and threesomes".  He's on the road, and the Persian comes through, looking for action also.  I'd told him earlier that he was too rough for my taste, and he's full of apologies, thinking it was what I'd wanted.  I take the initiative to hit the young guy back up, asking if 'a mate' can join us, and after some pics are sent, he's keen, as is the Persian.  So it appears I'm to host my first threesome!

They arrive within minutes of each other, and the young guy is incredible.  Even more handsome than his pics, built magnificently, and, despite his local heritage, a slow American drawl.  Let's call him Bro.  I'm actually flustered by his appearance and demeanour, and the Persian goes all gruff and butch (I suspect to conceal the same).  We're quickly into the bedroom, exchanging kisses as we undress, the Persian guy trying very hard to be in charge, the young guy indifferent to this and I'm so fucking nervous I don't know what to do.  The young guy and I begin to kiss (I'm on my toes), and we gently fall to the bed where the Persian is already sprawled, dragging each of us by the hair to his chest whereupon we set to work on a nipple each.  Chewing on these and having our heads dragged up to kiss or down to suck, we both set about pleasuring the guy, but his porn talk is both corny and offputting, so I move in to kiss him further (and shut him up) as the young guy goes to work on his cock.  The Persian is squirming and wriggling, and asks if the young guy wants to be fucked, which he does, but only if he can fuck me as it's being done to him.  After some maneuvering, we're kind of in position, but at the first thrust from the Persian the young guy shouts out and immediately loses his hard-on.  I'm then pushed slightly to the side as the Persian brutally fucks him, holding him by the hair as he delivers it doggy style, my legs intertwined between theirs as I lay there and watch, the young guy crying out in both pleasure and pain.  Suddenly, that smell hits, and the Persian immediately withdraws to check what's going on, but we can find no evidence of anything.  They both go to the bathroom to clean up anyway, and as he returns the Persian tells me the smell is a deal breaker and he's leaving as soon as he fucks me and has a 'proper' shower.  Re-suiting, he climbs onto the bed and draws my hips onto him, impaling me on that fat cock of his, and it's pretty uncomfortable - the young guy is kissing me and telling me to relax, and with his hard-on back in action, I suck him as the Persian fucks me.  Too soon he withdraws, swearing, tells me the condom has broken, and shaking his head he returns to the bathroom.  The smell, btw, has gone.

As the Persian bathes, the young guy crawls into my arms and tells me that one-on-one is really more his scene, but he was keen to experiment.  The Persian exits and dresses, shakes his head at the two of us and makes for the door.  I grab a towel around my waist and see him out, returning to the youngster sprawled in my bed.  We make out for quite some time, kissing, frotting and mutual 69ing, and he offers to fuck me, and I accept.  He suits up and flips me to my stomach, and with his arms wrapped around my chest he bucks into me, his cock finding the mark and entering smoothly.  We continue like this for a bit, then he withdraws and flips me to my back, planting my feet on his chest as he looms above me, running his hands up and down my thighs and telling me how sexy I am (?!?), before he leans down to kiss me and re-enter, bottoming out inside me and holding position as we kiss some more.  But my legs are wrapped around my head by now and I have to straighten, so I widen my knees and get my legs out beside him, knees around his hips as he continues to fuck.  He asks where I want him to cum, and I tell him wherever he wants, and he smiles and says "you gotta watch me cum", ripping off the condom and starting to jerk off.  Holy hell.  As he arches his back, the ropes start flying past my head, the fourth or fifth on my face, and subsequent down my torso.  He smiles and says "I was holding back too - my best is 2 yards"...  He leans down and scoops up some of his load and begins to jerk me off, his patience breaking into a smile as a stripe of my own cum splats up my body.

From here, he rearranges himself into the lotus position, my legs still around his hips, and we talk.  And we talk.  A college guy, he's a full-on bro, but openly gay, and I get the usual college talk, interspersed by an occasional lean down to kiss my thighs and now sleeping dick.  As he talks, his hands roaming up and down my legs and idly playing with my balls, he tells me he has no problem showing affection, but finds it very difficult to receive.  Again, his father is of a race that is very stern and I'm the faux-daddy it seems.  He's also rabidly anti-materialism, and determined to lead life "alone with porn and his left hand", which kind of begs why he's with me atm.  Eventually he lays himself atop me and we kiss under the covers for a little while, but it's time he left.  After a wash-up he dresses and asks when we can re-meet alone, then leaves.  The following day I get a very 'bro-ful' message reinforcing his desire for a rematch.

Never heard from the Falcon...

Monday, 5 December 2016

Back to back fun

So it's been a long week, and no chance to meet anyone.  Finally the weekend rolls around, and I'm coerced into returning to the beach house, and with the thought of the Driver in my head, I do.  However, a busy day following means I have to return late at night, and despite some encouraging signals from the Euro guy (who has also returned), I leave around midnight.  The Driver is smiling and waiting, but informs me as we arrive back at mine that he has some errands to run and won't be coming back upstairs with me.  Damn.

The next day I'm poleaxed, and cancel all my engagements.  I chat briefly with the Indian guy, but he's indisposed, and so I return to bed.  The Syrian messages me at lunchtime, having unexpectedly returned, and I tell him I am still in bed, and extend an invite for him to join me.

He's with me within the hour, and upon entering he smiles at me and tells me to go back to bed as he busies himself in my kitchen.  He soon enters the bedroom, wearing only his briefs and carrying tea and snacks which he places beside the bed before climbing in, and we spend an hour or so just talking and cuddling before hands begin to stray, and we're soon naked and kissing.  We spend a gentle hour or two having sex, him taking me in a variety of positions before he slides under me and enters me from below, but once more his primary focus is my pleasure.  The guy really is a fucking treasure, and why I don't devote myself to him, I don't know.  Ultimately, I am on my back, being jerked off as he fucks me, before he withdraws and shoots on my chest as well.  We clean up, then return to cuddling, enjoying our extended time together and with me as the 'big spoon', we sleep for the remainder of the afternoon.  Never got to the snacks...

It's dark when we awake, and he leaps out of bed in a hurry, showers and leaves.  I check my phone and see a number of offers on the apps, including the Persian, who's keen to 'come and rape me', and another guy I've been chatting to off and on for a few weeks.  I find the Persian too rough, and I'm not keen for a rematch with him, but the other guy seems of interest, so we agree for him to pass by just before dinner.

I'm unnaturally keen to back myself onto this cock, and he arrives at precisely the agreed time.  He's straight into it, taking my head into his hands as soon as the door is closed behind us, his soft and willing mouth complemented by a remarkably unscratchy full beard, and our heights are perfect.  Soon he leads me to the bedroom, and we quickly get naked and begin full body contact kissing, his cock grinding against my stomach, and my own working its way up and down his slot, when he suddenly drops his head and commences a spectacular blow job, pausing only to resume kissing and frotting.  Eventually I get him on his back, and begin to work my mouth along his jaw and down his throat and chest, working my tongue into his navel and then swirling it down to lick his balls.  He's squirming quite dramatically by now, and I reach up to take his pulsating cock in my hand and lick it slowly.  Suddenly, he arches his back and begins to spurt, generating a huge amount of cum that is both in my hair and all over his rather flat stomach, so I lick up what I can and snowball it into his mouth. His vigour as he sucked it out of my mouth was only tempered by my inadvertent brushing of his still sensitive cock-head, which saw him roll dramatically away from me.  He then asked me to straddle his torso and shoot my own load on his face, which given the session I had had with the Syrian just hours before seemed unlikely.  However, I did my best and surprised us both with a reasonable gush onto his beard.  At this, he leapt of the bed and headed for the bathroom, then dressing and leaving almost immediately.  I reckon he was with me for under 30 minutes, but Fast would have been proud!

Friday, 2 December 2016

The Driver - an update

I was negligent to mention that, a few days after my encounter with him, the Driver called me.  I asked if he interested to pass by again, and he replied in the affirmative, but this time with his girlfriend.

He wanted me to fuck them both, and for us to both fuck her.  Sadly, female visitors are forbidden in my hotel apartment, so I had to decline...