Tuesday, 1 November 2016

the Wrestler

So this guy hits me up a few months back.  A local guy with a winning smile, early 30's, 6'4", probably 100kgs and built like, you guessed it, a wrestler.  We chat for a bit, establishing that we are strangers, all the usual small town precautions, and he wants to meet for a coffee.  That's fine, and he's already close to my office, so we arrange for post-work that day.  As we talk, some of his ambitions and aspirations come out and we get more specific in career talk.  I'm a relatively senior guy in my field, and am quite accustomed to ambitious young people approaching me as a form of mentor - this also acts as a useful cover when I'm out and about with my wife and someone cruises me.  All good.

I don't hear from him for a while, but he woofs me on Growlr last week, then follows up with a call 10 minutes later.  He wants to tell me of his recent O/S trip and when can we meet again?  We arrange for last night, and he duly arrives to my apartment at the appointed time.

He's got some pretty specific questions for me - I'm happy to oblige, answering and debating various potential outcomes, and his earnestness is such that I've come to the view that this is another mentor session, and that his recent silence was to do more with lack of attraction than distance.  Again, all good.

We seem to have exhausted the topic at hand, and so I put down my drink and say "Anything else you'd like to ask me?", to which he replies "Yes.  Are you horny?"

I laugh out loud and tell him 'always', which is the only incentive he needs to stand and peel off his shirt.  Bloody hell.  Massive, massive shoulders, a barrel chest tapering down to a solid waistline, a pair of well-filled athletic shorts and tree trunk legs are before me.  He leans across the coffee table and takes my hand, smiling as he leads me to the bedroom.  He quickly removes the remainder of his clothes, and 8" of thick dark cock is bobbing between his legs as he approaches me and leans in for a lengthy kiss.  As we do so, he's removing my clothes, and now our cocks are rubbing together as we continue to kiss, and he gently lowers us, as one, onto the bed.

We roll around together for a bit, me running my hands over that monster body of his, him just holding my butt as I do so, then he wants to swing around and 69, so we do.  As he sucks me, I can't quite get the angle right, and I'm struggling to get him into my mouth, so I content myself with licking his balls and caressing his thighs.

He wants to change position, so, conscious that I've barely sucked him, I wriggle back on the bed and drop my head over the side, freeing my throat to take his length.  This delights him, and he squats above my face and drop dicks himself into my mouth repeatedly, but complaining on occasion of my teeth (first time anyone has tbh).  He then withdraws and turns himself around 180 degrees, his cock now in my mouth the other way, and his torso leaning down mine so we can continue to pleasure each other.

As we frot and suck, in between mouthfuls he tells me his bf left him in February, and he hasn't been with anyone since.  For various other reasons he hasn't even been jerking off (the mentioned trip was his hajj), so I ask if there's really 8 months worth of load bottled inside, but he says no, he has regular wet dreams. 

Suddenly he straightens up, withdraws his cock and drops his balls into my mouth.  With my hands on his hips from below, I feel his stomach muscles tense and tighten, as do his balls.  He then lets rip with an almighty moan, and I feel the spattering of cum on my chest and stomach as he unleashes his load.  He looms above me still, shuddering and spasming, then disengages and grabs the tissues.

Cleaning me up, he apologizes for the quickness of his release, but I tell him not to worry.  From here, he launches into a detailed explanation of how he identifies as bi 'but never met the right girl', he's never sucked a dick before but felt he owed me after all my help, yada yada yada.  I've marked him as a conflicted straight guy, and slap his rump, telling him to go shower.  From there he makes an embarrassed exit, presumably never to return.

But the very next day he messages, asking if maybe we can catch up again soon...

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