Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The Persian

It's been a while - usual bs with computer and internet, but hopefully back on track now.  Although the Syrian is away (again!!), as is The Engineer.  I've dropped Adonis and the Falcon, but I'm still trying to reconnect with the Indian guy (we chat often), but damn the diaries have been difficult...

This happened about 3 weeks ago - this guy has been messaging me regularly, sending some pretty hot pics of a huge dick attached to a solid and hairy body.  We've chatted a bit, and he's keen on nipple play and fucking, but not, it appears, very much else.  I'm bored, alone and horny, so I drop him a line.  He's about, and quite close it seems, and we agree to meet at a coffee shop which happens to be ~300m from my flat.  He's on time, he doesn't have that glint of crazy in his eyes, and the coffee shop is closed, so I shrug and tell him I live a few doors away so lets head there.

He's well over 6' tall, very solidly built, and quite handsome in that far mid east/subcontinental way, and he can also hold a conversation, which is quite rare here.  We get inside, and I ask if he wants coffee or water or whatever, but he just points at the TV and asks if I have porn.  As a matter of fact I do, and after a few false starts we settle on one he likes.  As we watch, he's stroking himself through his pants, then leans forward and peels off his shirt.  He's a big guy, covered in hair (almost possibly too much), and as a guy on the screen leans in to bite the chest of his partner, my guy moans 'oooh yeah', and reaches over to drag my face to his chest, saying 'do that to me' as he positions himself so that I can.  Over the next ten minutes I'm encouraged to bite and suck as hard as I can, one of his hands holding the back of my head to his body, the other down his pants as he strokes himself.

As I bite and suck, he's now wriggling his hands down my pants and squeezing my butt quite hard, using his heft to lift me and force my face further into his chest.  Eventually he's shuffled his own pants down, his cock resting against my stomach as I bite him until my head is directed south to suck him.

It's a good sized cock, although not quite what I'd seen in the pics, but I'm not going to complain.  However.  As I begin to lick it, moving my tongue around the tip, and down to tease his balls, I feel it thicken even further and I swear it grew another two inches.  Now, it's seriously impressive, and I'm beginning to fear for my ass.  Eventually we retire to the bed, and he's happy to roll about kissing and reciprocating the biting, and wanting his cock sucked more, until he asks for a condom.

I find them, and he suits up, this monster jutting up between his legs as he stands and takes my shoulders.  I'm flipped to my stomach and pushed down, and he mounts me.  Jesus.  On the first thrust I thought I was going to split in half, but he sensed my discomfort and both backed off and slowed down, moving into a gentle rhythm that's only moderately uncomfortable, then he lets his whole weight rest on me, pinning me to the mattress, and whispers in my ear "now you're gonna get it", which is not really something I (or anyone) would be pleased to hear in those circumstances.  He's probably got 3" and 40 pounds on me, and so I'm pretty nervous, but when he began to jack rabbit fuck me the pain subsumed all that.  I'm literally begging him to stop, and trying very hard to get away from him, but his weight and his grip are holding me tight.

Suddenly he realizes this isn't role play for me, and immediately stops.  Thanks god.  Apologizing, he asks me to find a more comfortable position, so with him standing beside the bed and me lying on my back, I'm drawn back onto his cock and we let the bedframe act as a 'buffer' to ease things a little.

Pretty soon he's grabbing my hands to his chest and demanding I pinch and squeeze his nipples as hard as I can while he fucks me, then, with a final few thrusts he shudders, straightens and then slumps, before withdrawing a loaded and drooping condom and asking for a shower.  The possibility of me shooting had long disappeared with the pain, and my own dick is forlornly lying asleep on my stomach.

After the shower he finishes his juice and leaves, sending me a message afterwards that he'll be back, but next time I should have a friend for him as well...  With that cock and that aggressive fucking, I immediately think of the Moro,but he's in his homeland until mid-December.  So there might be another tale to tell with this guy!


  1. Hm... so the pain wasn't too much then! Ha!
    I'm always mentally turned on by being consumed and wholly dominated in such a way but I know I'd probably have the same reaction... that oh fuck please stop moment.

    1. Likewise the thought is appealing, but the reality isn't! If he were a trusted partner and we had like a safe word, for sure, but with a stranger, it's all a bit too random sometimes...