Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The Driver

This is such bad form I can't believe I did it.  A friend invites me to his beach house for the weekend, but it's a hike, they go pretty hard with the party there and I'm really just too tired, so I decline.  He's persistent, and I finally admit I'm just too tired to make the drive, to which he replies he'll send his guy up to collect me.  Within the hour my concierge advises that a car has arrived, so I grab my bag and head down.  The friend is a pretty wealthy man, so I'm unsurprised to see a late model S class Merc waiting for me, but I am surprised by the driver.  A shockingly handsome, tall and well built Sri Lankan guy is smiling at me as he takes my bag - I smile back, but as I know it'll be a late night I elect to ride in the back seat and sleep for the journey.  We duly arrive, and I'm gently woken and find this smiling man leaning over me.  He takes my hand and helps me out of the car, but I see him no more.  I join the party, and amongst the crowd is a very handsome European guy who keeps smiling at me but we chat infrequently.  We drink too much, usual party stuff, then it's bedtime.  I go up to my room, and my bag has been unpacked etc., and in my stupor I fire up Grindr.  The Euro guy is "10m away", but other than a knowing smile from him at breakfast, nothing further happens.

We spend the next day continuing to drink and eat, and I finally tell my host it's time to leave, so I'll call a car.  He's horrified - "I bought you here, I'll take you back" he says.  Picking up a walkie talkie, he instructs that my bags are to be packed and ready for departure in one hour.  More drinks, then I finally leave, the Sri Lankan smiling as he holds open the back door.  Now he's pretty damn cute, and I've had a few drinks, so I elect to sit in the front this time.  He flirts outrageously with me all the way home, telling me how he enjoyed watching me sleep on the downward journey, that as he'd unpacked my bag he thought I had "very nice clothes and underwear" all accompanied by many smiles and a lot of eyelash batting.  We get back to my place, and I thank him and make to go upstairs, but he holds on to my bag and insists on bringing it up for me.

So we talk some more in the elevator and it's clear that he's keen.  We get to the door and he still won't surrender the bag, insisting to bring it all the way.  As we then stand inside, I tell him how fortunate he is to have such a good boss, but he smiles again and says "I am lucky that I get to drive handsome men like you around sir" as he slides his hand inside his shirt to rub his chest.

I don't care that he's 'staff' and all the usual hands-off rules that apply, I simply step forward and kiss him.  It's the only trigger he needs, and we're suddenly locked in an embrace, kissing and shuffling towards the bedroom.  We get naked, and he's got the most fantastic body, although quite a small cock.  Defined, a little hairy and an excellent kisser, we indulge in that for a while, then an all-too-brief 69, before he has me on my back as he straddles me, sliding his ass up and down my now rigid cock.  I raise an eyebrow at him "You want?", and he smiles and nods.  So I suit up, still lying on my back, and he slowly lowers himself onto me with a shudder and a smile.  He begins to ride me, but I'm not really feeling it, so I push him off and turn him to his stomach, my knees at his hips and I begin to fuck him again.  He's squirming and wriggling a bit, but it seems in pleasure, so I continue until I edge.  Withdrawing, I remove the condom and shoot my load over his back, panting and grunting as I do. 

I grab some tissues and clean him up, and we go back to kissing for a while, then I offer my own ass in return.  He's shocked (?!?!?) and declines, climbing off the bed and dressing before asking for water on his way out.

So yeah.  Fucking the staff.  My bad...

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