Monday, 7 November 2016


So the agreed Tuesday has arrived, and the Syrian is down the line early in the morning - "waiting you tonight habibi" he says, and I reply in the affirmative.

I get to his at the appointed time, and he opens the door to a room much more dimly lit than usual.  I see that he has placed candles on almost every available surface, and a beautifully laid table, set for two, stands to one side.  Local custom is to light most rooms to the max (think a supermarket), but he's broken with this and he shyly takes my hand and asks if I'm hungry.  We're meeting for dinner, so yes, I have my appetite with me, and he claps his hands in delight and disappears into the kitchen.

First trip, he returns with a bottle of wine he has somehow sourced, glasses and an opener.  He pours for us and giggles like a little girl as we clink glasses, then he disappears again, returning with salad. We sit to eat, and the conversation is strangely awkward, but gradually warms up.  After the salad, he clears and returns with not one, but 3 x dishes.  I'm a bit surprised, but he tells me he wasn't sure what I'd feel like, so he prepared 'a variety'.  I'm now feeling obliged to put in a good effort on each dish (all of which were local specialities and delicious btw), as we talk some more and finish the wine.

He clears again, then returns with a selection of deserts, taking my hand and leading me across the room to the couch where tea awaits along with the candied fruits, chocolates and pastries.

We sprawl, chat and consume more, until I am finally fit to burst.  Patting my belly, I tell him so and he smiles.  "I know", he smiles, taking my hand again and leading me to the bedroom.  I don't know about you dear reader, but sex on a full stomach?  Hmmm.

It seems he is aware of this, and we begin with a very different routine.  Merely kissing and stroking one another, he is in no hurry to get horizontal, but wants to kiss and kiss more as we stand together fully clothed.  Oddly, there is some form of digestif effect as my stomach soon begins to calm and shrink.  His hands on my body have already told him this, and he begins to remove my clothes, dropping to suck my stirring cock into hardness, before lowering us onto the bed and we begin a more active form of make out.  But again, it's different.  He's entirely focused on my pleasure, intentionally positioning his body away from me so that I cannot suck him in return or finger his hole.  So intent is he that I start to feel like a bad fuck - I'm not reciprocating at all, other than to moan a bit, and in time I grab his head off my dick and up so that I can at least kiss him.  He's happy with this, but happier still to return to pleasuring me, and I decide this is a conscious move on his part and that I should simply accept and enjoy.

Eventually I get his cock in my mouth, but he's quickly gasping and pulls it away, only to lean back for lube and condoms.  Once prepared, he comes at me from the side, sliding himself up and down my slot before working himself in, and gently beginning to fuck me.  This is good, and we're both enjoying, but he decides to withdraw and simply lie beside me to kiss some more before he turns me a little and enters me from another angle.  I am on my back, my legs wrapped around his waist, and we kiss as we fuck, then again, he withdraws and comes back down just to kiss and cuddle.  We repeat this scenario across a few different positions, but finally he is on his back, and I am impaled on him as he jerks me to a conclusion before withdrawing and spraying his load over his torso as well.

He smears the cum into his fur, then draws me down atop him.  Nestled together we sigh contentedly and I actually drift off in his arms, before he wakes me a little after 11:30 to see if I'd like to sleep over.  It's a school night, so I can't, and he shrugs with resignation.  "That's ok habibi", he smiles at me "It is enough for me to know that we made love tonight, not just sex"...

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  1. The effect you have on your playmates! Ha! Though it's not the desire that I find remarkable but the ostentatious, over the top efforts to make it different that's sweet.
    I know furry guys tend to hate it as it sticks but I love working a load into a fuzzy chest. Especially if we get to cuddle after. What can I say? I like dried cum on my body. Ha!