Thursday, 27 October 2016


Hmmm.  I've been seeing a bit of the Civil Servant over the past week or so.  We spend more time talking than we do fucking, but the sex has been satisfying (if fast), and the conversations stimulating.

As part of this, he's recounted a few tales along the way - it seems he's normally quite the dom, and enjoys having his cock sucked as he sits with a cigar, alternately pissing and cumming in the guys mouth, and he also finds fisting to be "a remarkably intimate connection between two men".  The conversation moves on, and after some snuggling in front of the TV, it is time for us to head for the bedroom.  We make out for an hour or so, teasing one another, licking, biting and sucking, then he positions me on my back and heads south, sucking my dick and letting his hands roam over my body, with particular attention paid to my balls as he sucks.  In time, he reaches for the lube and begins to stroke my hole, working a finger or two in and out as he sucks, commenting "how good it is to feel me from inside", and I duly arch my back to make it easier for him (on both counts).  He slides a pillow beneath my ass, and continues to suck me, and he's doing damn well at it, but I can feel a growing pressure in my ass as he does.  It's a little uncomfortable, so I squirm to reposition, but the pressure won't go away.  In time I get used to it, and I simply lie back and enjoy the blowjob, which is going on much longer than I had expected from the self-confessed dom, although that pressure is still present.  Eventually, he breaks from the blowjob and works his mouth up to mine, his hands still between my legs, and whispers to me "congratulations, you're being fisted"...  It turns out the pressure was all five of his digits, worked into me up to his knuckles.  Clearly I was complicit in this, even though I was still a little surprised by the information.  With his hand still largely inside me, he then spat on my cock and jerked me off, which took a surprisingly long time but was incredibly intense when it did happen.

After an extended cuddle and murmured conversation, he is still hard, so he gently rolled me to my stomach, suited up and spent his usual 3 minutes fucking me before he shot his own load.  Afterwards we had drinks and cigarettes and he departed.

He followed up with a call the next day, asking how I was, how I felt, and what I felt about it.  As I told him, my ass was damned sore but I wasn't sure how I felt otherwise.  It's kind of the ultimate sub act in my view (no judgment though), and I don't see myself on that part of the dancefloor.  Am I a fistee?  No.  Would I let him do it again?  Perhaps...

An interesting boundary to cross.  More thought required.



  1. I've honestly never thought of fisting as an act of submission for some reason. Is that odd? I think it's because whenever I've done it, the bottom has gotten so much enjoyment out of it. It's like jacking a guy off almost. Like it's done for the other's pleasure...

    1. I think that's the key here, and certainly how he approached it. I was of the mindset that it must be very painful, and thus a submissive act. Clearly I need to think a bit more about it!

  2. Fisting should NEVER be painful. If it is, you're going too fast or doing it wrong.