Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Busy, not busy...

It's been a while, and I've been traveling, but there's been a bit going on.

With my family now departed, I'm free to entertain.  Although it hasn't always worked out as I'd hope.  DJ has been regularly down the line, offering up a tasty selection of subs, but our diaries just haven't gelled, so nothing to report on that front.  Plus I'm tired, and roleplay is just exhausting.

Adonis however, has been a regular visitor.  It's interesting - as a younger guy, he seems genuinely starved for affection, and really just wants to kiss a lot and lie in my arms under the covers.  As he lies there, he keeps muttering "oh my god, oh my god", as if physical contact is something unusual for him.  He still won't blow me (which is getting tiresome), and after much kissing and me rimming him, he will shyly ask if we can "get started".  He seems to view the actual fuck only as a means to cum, as if the soft sex were the main attraction so to speak.  He mentioned the nationality of his father (a very stern and unaffectionate people), so I suspect I really am 'the daddy' here...

The Syrian remains on his travels, and the Indian guy also, but the Engineer did pass by last night.  We had a great session, loads of kissing and 69, and it was one of those fucks were, as so often with him, the mood, the angle and the timing was perfect.  He had me ride him as we kissed to begin, but he kept stuffing up his thrusts and slipping out, so he rolled me to my side and came in from that angle.  After a few hits with the amyl, I was so relaxed he couldn't fuck me hard enough, to the extent he pushed me to my stomach and just belted me from above.  Damn it felt great, and in one of his usual conjuring tricks he managed to start panting and keening, flip me onto my back, and spray a weeks worth of cum onto me.  He wiped his hand over my face, forcing some of his load into my mouth, then using the remainder to jerk me off as he worked his other fingers in and out of my ass as I shot my own load.

We spent a full 10 minutes tangled in each other, laughing and gasping, before he announced (to my surprise), that he hates the smell of his own cum and was heading to the shower.

I was drenched to the extent that, when I went to lift my head, I found my ear was stuck to the pillow - now that's what I call a load!!!


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