Monday, 31 October 2016

Bitten and brutalized...

I've had a quiet Saturday at home, some awkwardly timed chores getting in the way of any hookups, when the Falcon pings me.  He's "right around the corner", and wants to pass by in an hour or so.  We've been trying for over a week to get together, but with no success.  I'm tiring of his flaky behavior and constantly broken promises, but Grindr tells me he's 350m away, so we'll see.  Lo and behold, his profile slips further and further down my screen, so I message and ask what's going on.  He has 'an urgency' on the other side of town, and will catch me another time.  That's 3 strikes buddy - I don't think so...

Not half an hour later my phone beeps, and it's the harus.  Since I blew him a few weeks ago, I've not heard a word, and thus drew the conclusion he wasn't interested in resuming (or furthering) our activities together.  Wrong.  He's dead keen, and already heading in my direction.

He arrives, and we sit, a little awkwardly, on the couch watching TV.  He reaches over and taps my shoulder, pointing to his bulging jeans and says 'please...', so I stand and gesture to the bedroom.  In we head, and he begins to slowly remove his clothes, encouraging me to do so also, then asking that I turn so he can observe me from behind.  He slowly caresses me, letting his rough hands wander over my butt, lifting and patting it before he slaps it quite hard.  Asking for a condom, he leans back on the bed and signals me to climb on, but as our faces touch he pulls away and pushes me to the side, grabbing my hips and lifting me onto all fours, positioning himself between my legs from behind.

A quick squirt of lube and he shoves his 10" cock straight in, causing me to cry out and lunge forward, but he grabs me and drags me back, again a full open-handed butt slap and then sinking his teeth into the cheek.  It bloody hurts, but not as much as when he straightened up and rammed himself back inside me, fucking me quite viciously as he pants "5 minutes 5 minutes" like a mantra, before he pulls out and falls back onto the pillow.  He removes the condom and signals for me to get rid of it, then once I return he grabs my head and forces it onto his cock.  As I suck, he wants me to jerk off, but I'm struggling owing to the angle, so he pushes me away and stands up.

Me sitting on the bed, his body right in front of me, he once more grabs my ears and shoves his pole into my mouth - I grab his hips for balance, but he pushes my hand away and towards my own dick so I can jerk as he thrusts, but too quickly he pants "cumming" and without warning he floods my mouth, holding my head and forcing me to swallow.  I suck him dry, then he withdraws and slaps my face before cleaning up and dressing.  Once done he says goodbye and leaves without further comment.

I reckon from the moment he walked in, to the moment he left was less than 30 minutes, but 2 days later I still have his teethmarks on my rump...



  1. Yikes! Good thing your family isn't around!

    1. hahaha - exactly! Although I have this niggling feeling the bite was deliberate, not passionate, and that I've somehow been 'branded' or 'owned'. Dunno...