Monday, 31 October 2016

Almost romantic...

The Syrian has been down the line more or less constantly, asking when we can meet.  Between outright exhaustion and regular travel (possibly related), I am finally able to nominate a night.  Duly it comes, and I head down to his place - my frequent visitors have aroused the suspicion of the Super, and I'm now subject to disapproving looks as I enter and exit the building.  Like I care.

Anyway.  I get to his place, and instead of dinner he tells me he "ate at 4pm", so he really just wants to go to bed and fuck.  I'm quickly plunging into 'need a cookie' mode, so I insist we get something to eat, so we go out and dine together before heading back to his place.  I've kind of implied I'll be staying over, but now I don't want to and I'm trying to work out how to break this to him without upsetting him too much.

We get back to the flat, and as soon as the door is closed he has me in his arms, kissing me and licking my throat as he drags me into the bedroom, where he removes my clothes and starts to blow me.  Again I watch myself in the mirror, and it's pretty cool.  Eventually we get horizontal, and after much kissing and an extensive rim job from him, he rolls me to my side and enters me from behind, just as the Engineer always does.  He is gently fucking me, his body undulating, but he wants to get a little more aggressive and he gradually works me onto my stomach and begins to fuck me from above, but his length is problematic and it hurts.  I roll to my back and move to throw a leg over his shoulder, but he ducks this as he falls sideways, now lying at a 90deg angle to me, my legs draped over his torso.  From this angle he comes at me again, easily sliding his length in, pistoning and bucking quite hard at me, providing me with new sensations.  It's actually a pretty comfortable fuck, and he goes at it for some time before exiting me and sitting upright.

He rights himself and comes in between my legs, grabbing my cock as he slides his own back inside me, and he begins to jerk me as he fucks, occasionally leaning down to kiss me.  He's done this before, and regular readers will know it's only moments before I shoot my load.  He milks me dry as he continues to fuck me, then withdraws and removes the condom, grunting and panting as he too shoots all over me.

From here we retire to the couch and sprawl about eating sweets, drinking tea, smoking and chatting.  I'd not noticed earlier, but he's decorated the flat with candles and whatnot, so it's slightly embarrassing when I break it to him that I must depart.  He's clearly disappointed by this, but I tell him my wife is facetiming me in the morning and she will see the different background.  I am then made to promise and commit to a return date (next Tuesday if anyone's interested), before I make my exit.

It is very late, and the motorway is largely deserted.  I am minding my own business, toodling along at around 125kmh in the middle lane, when there is a sudden flash of light behind me.  Out of nowhere, a pair of Bentley GT's roar past me on either side, moving as if I were standing still.

Some km or so down the road the motorway ends, and I see both cars stopped at the lights.  I pull up and look across, to see that each is driven by a girl perhaps in her early '20's, just out having a race it seems.  Only in the Sandlands.....

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