Monday, 19 September 2016

Treat yo'self!

As mentioned, a young guy has hit me up.  At 22, he's much younger than I would usually consider, and I've told him so, but his pics are awesome and I've drawn blanks all round elsewhere.

I decide that to fool around for a bit with a young pup might be "good for the soul" as they say, so I treat myself and tell him to come over.

He's beside himself with excitement, thanking me for 'breaking my rule', and promising 'great sex - you won't be sorry'.  As an aside, and you'd never know it walking around this city, but it seems the men here are quite short - at least 90% of the guys on the apps are 170cm or less, which I find odd.  He hasn't indicated his height, and I forgot to ask, but he arrives within 30 minutes, and messages me to say so.  I walk out front, to see a Range Rover in my drive, and with a wave he climbs out.  He's got to be 188cm tall, with a wide rangy body that sits somewhere beyond swimmer but not quite muscle guy, dressed in a tight T and baggy sweats, a headful of lush curly hair framing a face that would make a statue melt.  In short, he's a bona fide Adonis, and I'm gobsmacked.

He smiles and walks over, shaking my hand and as we head indoors I tell him the maid is about and we need to be discreet.  She's not, but it's always good to have a stranger think that we're not alone in the house.

Tiptoeing upstairs, we go to the bedroom and close the door - he suddenly goes all shy, and stands there smiling at me, so I ask him how often he goes to the gym "Not too much" he stammers, so I tell him to shuck the T and how me the results.  This, it seems, is the icebreaker - he grins broadly and tells me that we will each remove the same item of clothing simultaneously, so we do.  We're down to our briefs, and I shake my head, approaching him for a kiss - he's good, but 3" taller than me and I'm on my toes to reach his mouth.  I solve this by pushing him onto the bed, and crawling up his body kissing as I go.  He's quite ticklish, so this has him in fits of hysterics, and we simply roll around in each others arms French kissing and more until I work my way back down his body to where his straining cock is making quite a wet spot on his trunks.  I peel them off, and am confronted with a truly perfect cock, which, mindful of his ticklishness, I gently lick before diving in to suck.  He's almost hairless, and I run my hands over his chest, tweaking his nipples and licking his pits as I go about my work.  He slowly draws me back up his body to kiss some more, and we alternate body kisses and ball licking.  He won't suck my cock, but he's happy to offer up butterfly kisses to it and my balls, which is pretty good.

After a lot more kissing, I push him to his side and then position him doggy style.  He's nervous about what might be coming, but I gently bend his cock backwards and run my tongue from its tip, along the underside of the shaft, the balls and the perineum before tickling his bud and gently rimming him.  He shudders with delight and slumps forward, further exposing his hole to my attention, which I happily provide.  My right hand is between his legs for balance, and I can feel something on it - a quick check confirms the pre-cum is quite literally dripping out of him, so my tongue reluctantly leaves his ass and makes the return journey, lapping at the remarkably sweet juice when I get back to his tip.  Using the residual spit, I begin to work a finger into him as I suck, which, after initial resistance he eagerly takes, going so far as to push back on it as I tease him with my mouth.

Once I've sucked him dry, I work my tongue back to his hole, now using my hands to flatten his body as my tongue rolls up his spine, finally kissing the back of his neck as my cock works into his slot.  His ass is two perfect globes, and his shoulders and upper arms are perfectly formed granite.  Fucking awesome...

He's fearful I'm going to fuck him, so he rolls out from under me and comes atop for another series of lengthy kisses, which we continue for some time.  Eventually, he has my left leg drawn against my ass as he strokes my right, staring into my eyes and murmuring all sorts of things in Arabic, our cocks rubbing together.  That I understand a good deal of what he says shocks him, and we converse briefly before he flops backwards, thus enabling me to climb on top of him, and slowly grind my pelvis against his while leaning down to kiss.  Grabbing my ass, he flips us over, and from above smiles down at me, and says 'waqi' (Arabic for condom).  Once donned, he climbs back onto the bed and raises me by my back to my knees, his arms wrapped around my chest, then, us both in this kneeling position, he enters me from behind.  Damn it was good.  He's slow but persistent, undulating his hips to accomplish his thrusts, kissing my ears and neck as he does, and I'm moaning.  And moaning loudly.  He's worried we'll be heard, so he withdraws and lies me on my back, straddling my right leg, and casually lifting my left over his opposing shoulder so that I'm semi-twisted beneath him, then he enters again.  The Syrian has fucked me in this position a few times, and I really enjoy it.  So much so that as he thrusts, his back arched, I can feel myself begin to edge.  My ragged breathing gives me away, and he smiles at me as he grabs my cock and starts to jerk me in time with the thrusts.  OMG...   As I tremble, he continues to look me in the eye, smiling the whole time, and withdraws.  Using his free hand he removes the condom and starts to jerk himself, and as my legs clench his thigh I erupt, first spurt not much, second spurt on my chest, the rest just normal.  Then his eyes roll back and he lets loose, the first shot landing with a satisfying splat on the pillow next to my ear, the second on my chin and the subsequent ones leaving a trail down my torso.  Amazing...

Gasping raggedly, he slumps down onto me to kiss, then climbs off and heads to the bathroom.  I can hear him washing, so I stick my head in and offer him a shower, which he takes.

Minutes later, the towel clad Adonis returns to the bedroom, and I can't help but run my hands over his chest as we kiss some more.  He then shyly dresses and motions to the doorway, asking if he should leave "in case the maid returns".  Still shattered, I agree to this and after a quick kiss by the door, he exits.

I have since been bombarded with text messages, telling me all sorts of things and asking when he can return.  It was fun, and I got the great sex he promised, but I can live without a love-struck puppy.  Maybe...

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