Thursday, 1 September 2016

Home alone. Literally.

So, with my daughter away at college and the rest of my family now resident in Sin City, I'm looking forward to some ongoing action and renewing hook-ups old and new.  Life, however, has other plans for me it seems.

Despite summer being officially "over", The Falcon, The Engineer, The Syrian, the Indian Guy and Ducati have all traveled, and the Jordanian doesn't want to see me.  There's one impossibly handsome and fit guy that I've been exchanging messages with for a while now, so maybe I'll hit him up, but there's something about him that's not quite right.  Everything checks out (his pics are consistent, his Truecaller is confirmed and under the name he gave me, he's all over the internet), but I'm just not sure for some reason...

Otherwise, it's back to the apps and see who/what is around.  But damn I hate that roundabout...

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