Thursday, 1 September 2016

A new position and a fitting farewell...

The Syrian has had to delay his travels, for all the right reasons.  With the turmoil in his homeland, his family have escaped the caliphate and are now in the (relative) safety of the capital.  We've caught up once or twice over the past weeks, but now it is time for him to leave.  As they have escaped, he cheerfully removes his beard (which has been shredding my face), and passes by for a last visit.

Clean shaven once more, he's a delight to kiss, but that damn mustache is both irritating to my already abraded face yet utterly pleasing to my hole - one can't have it all.

He arrives, and with no time pressure on either of us we're able to talk and relax over drinks and cigarettes before he tells me he wants to go upstairs, so we do.  He comes to me for a lengthy kiss, pulling and dragging at my clothes as he sheds his own, and he stands before me, all tight chested and slim hipped in the tiniest black briefs imaginable, which only serve to accentuate the size of his bulge.  His cock forms a massive outline, I reach down and gently release it, feeling the heat through the fabric before it springs free.  He now has his hands inside my own shorts, gently massaging my balls as my own cock starts to grow, then he drops to his knees and begins to suck me.  It's good, and I stand contentedly, running my hands through his hair for a time before I draw him to his feet and push him onto the bed.

We roll around, kissing, stroking and rimming each other, finally ending in a 69 until I'm gagging on his length, so we return to kissing.

He gradually works me onto my stomach, and begins to kiss my back as he slides his meat between my thighs and up and down my slot, pleasuring me intensely with both the sensation and the anticipation, then he sits upright and reaches for the condoms.

Once done, he returns to humping me, his tip pressing against my hole before withdrawing and sliding some more, then as he snakes his arms around my chest he begins to enter me.  It's nice, but he's big and it's a little uncomfortable, but we find a position and a rhythm and all is good.  He starts to get a little carried away, slamming into me, and I start to yelp a little.  He pushes his fingers into my mouth, and I'm now fully grunting as I feel his length sliding in and out of me, his final thrusts going in just that little too far for comfort.

He's usually a gentle and thoughtful lover, and true to form, he lodges himself fully inside then, holding me tight, he flips us over as one.  I'm now on my back, atop his chest, his cock inside me from below.  Is this a reverse cowboy?  I think so. 

As I lie there, adjusting to the, quite frankly, amazing sensation, he begins to gently buck at me from below, using his upstroke to push me into a sitting position, my legs stretched forward between his.

I can honestly say I've rarely experienced anything like this.  All I can feel is the electricity running through my legs as his own pin them together, enhancing the thrust and withdraw of his cock, and I am so consumed by pleasure that I really don't know what's going on.  I could have been screaming, panting, singing like Madeline Kahn for all I know (ohhhh, sweet mystery of life...).

To top it he finds a free hand to squirt lube on me, then, as he thrusts, he starts to jerk me off.  Fuck.  All I know is that I can barely breathe, and my legs are trembling to the point of spasm.  Then, I release.  Judging by how increasingly slippery his grip on me is becoming, I can only assume my load won't stop, and he's roaring with laughter before sliding himself out of me and dragging me down to kiss my back.  Again, with a free hand he's slipped off the condom (I swear, the guy's like a fucking octopus), and he shoves his cock between my thighs and with a few thrusts from below, he shoots his own load all over my balls.

We're both wrecked by the sensations and novelty of the experience, and we just lie there in silence for a second or two.  Then we start laughing, gasping and heaving as we roll about looking for tissues to clean up.  After showers, a last drink and a cigarette, he kisses me farewell... 


  1. I'm always astounded by the foreign culture gaps that pepper the little details of your narratives but also by the universality of it all, like that unequivocal joyous postcoital laugh of a damn good fuck.

  2. Thanks! Not so foreign to me these days, but yeah, there's some off-piste shit that goes down in this part of the world!