Thursday, 4 August 2016


I've only had a couple of hook-ups to report;  a standard, yet thoroughly satisfying, encounter with the Syrian (who, once again has returned to his homeland fully bearded), and an interim meet with the Engineer at his still empty home.  A few strangely muted weeks in Turkey have kept me offline as well.

However, now back in the Sandlands, and as I disembark the plane my phone pings and it's the Engineer (who's clearly remembered my dates), welcoming me home with an invite to meet ASAP.

I get to his place, and he's in full flight - strutting about in his dishdash, shouting instructions at a bevy of workmen (none remotely attractive), and then he sees me.  A smile breaks out on his face, and, like a goddamn sultan, he claps his hands and they all down tools, grab their stuff and depart.  Still smiling, he closes the door and steps forward to take me in his arms.  "Habibi", he laughs "I had to see you - I was in a meeting yesterday thinking of you, and I got hard.  I had to make my presentation sitting down".

He then takes me on another tour of the house - fine tuned furniture, things he's replaced and/or upgraded, then into the elevator and up to 'our' room.  I can only gasp - despite everything previously being brand new, he's refurbished it entirely - the four-poster suite has been replaced by a massive white leather king sized one, beautiful linens and - wait for it - a fucking marabou bedthrow.  None of this is quite to my taste, but his smile broadens, and he pushes me onto the bed, smothering me with kisses, before dragging me back to my feet and tugging our clothes off before falling back down.  The bedcover tickles, but it feels kinda sexy, and we thrash about for a bit before it finally slides off onto the floor and we are as always, mouths locked and hands roaming.  Soon enough, he wants to 69, so we do, but he's in a hurry it seems, and wants to fuck.  Handing me the poppers, he wraps his arms around me and begins to prod at me, again lube free, so he spits on his cock and works it in.  It's not too bad, but I'm gasping and tell him to go slow.  Working his full length into me, he starts a shallow stroke fuck, gradually warming me up, then he begins to pound at me, but I beg him to stop and push him onto his back.

Climbing astride him, I lean down to kiss him, my hand reaching behind to guide his cock back to my hole.  It goes right in, but he's so tall it's not gone far, so I break our kiss and lean back onto his drawn knees so that his full length goes inside me.  It feels amazing, and all I can do is luxuriate in the sensation, and begin to slowly grind against him as his rigid cock works its way in and out of my ass.  Fuck it's good, and I tell him so - he smiles up at me and says "enjoy baby" as he reaches forward and begins to jerk me off.  By now I'm bucking up and down on him, terrified he'll slip out of me before I cum, but he's got it all worked out.  With one hand wrapped around my dick and the other placed on my hip, as I rise he follows, then as he feels himself slipping out, the hand pushes me back down and impales me on his still rising hips.  It's a great rhythm, and I'm vocal in my pleasure, and he repeatedly exhorts me to enjoy myself (although in a possible Freudian slip, at one point he calls me "Papi").  With his monster dick inside me, and his hand working my own, I start to gasp and then leaning back onto his knees, again I slam myself down one last time as my cock erupts all over his hand and torso.  He won't stop working me, and his cock is still inside me, and I'm shuddering and gasping as he milks the last of my load out.  I finally fall forward onto him, but he deftly slides out and heads to the bathroom.  Returning after clean-up, he comments on the volume and thickness of what I had shot, then comes back to bed and kisses me.  We make out for a while, then he turns me to my side once more and works himself back into me, but I'm tight, so it takes a few goes to get right back to where he wants to be.  From here he pounds at me quite viciously, his arms wrapped around my chest as he slams into me, and all I can do is clench and bear down.  After a good solid pounding, he slides his arms out, rises to his knees and flattens me to my back before dumping what, even by his copious standards, is a monster load on my torso.  He gasps, pauses and laughs before letting loose with an ear-shattering 'woo-hoooo', then leads me to the shower.

After, we have tea and sweets before we must each depart.  But I did have the proverbial limp the next day...

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