Friday, 26 August 2016

the younger guy...

I was hit up on one of the apps ages ago, by a tall, young (24) and very cute Indian guy, but we've never had the chance to meet.  Some time ago we met for coffee and exchanged phone numbers, and we've been chatting on Whatsapp since then.  General stuff - how's the day, what's news, so on and so forth.  He's also been very candid about his ongoing affair with his married boss, the pair of them stealing hours when they can, and occasionally taking short vacations together (lord knows what the wife makes of this), and he's been quite direct in stating his interest in older white guys.  He also tells me his boss has 'converted' him from being an aggressive top into a compliant bottom...

With the departure of my family, I'm now in a position to host, and I mention this to him.  He's very keen to meet, and we agree on that evening.  He arrives right on time, and we enjoy a few drinks, a chat and a few cigarettes in a relaxed fashion before it's naturally time to move upstairs.

He's grown a scruffy beard since we last met, but that doesn't get in the way of him being a great kisser, and he's got a cute and tiny bubble butt atop strong legs.  His dick is not especially fat, but quite long, although that may be a trick of proportion.   Naked, I push him onto the bed and climb atop him, cradling his head in my hands as we kiss and frot our bodies together - it is nice.  He keeps smiling and commenting on how long it's taken us to get to this point.  He wriggles out from under me and reaches for the lube and condoms, then suits me up and clambers aboard.  Easing himself onto me, he is moaning and twitching his head, saying repeatedly how good it feels and that my cock is 'the perfect size'.

Once he's bottomed out on me, he begins to clench and relax his butt, then begins pumping himself up and down on me, our arms outstretched and hands intertwined.  It's good (great in fact), and as I lie there and watch his dark and muscular young body riding me I begin to edge.  Sensing this, he begins to alternate tempo to buy time, then he suddenly slams down and his cock spurts all over me.  Shuddering as the orgasm takes over his body, I too lose it and fill the condom whilst inside him.  Gasping at this, he falls forward and we kiss, then it's shower time.

Afterwards we enjoy another drink before he leaves, live tweeting his journey home amongst repeated requests for a return encounter. 

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