Friday, 26 August 2016

The harus redux

With my new found freedom, I begin to reach out to guys I've hooked up with before, but for whom hosting is an issue.  Included in this is the Harus  with whom I've remained in platonic contact with over the years.  Of course I have a plan for our meeting, but he doesn't know this (yet).  He's delighted to hear from me, and keen to visit, so arrangements are made and he's on his way.  I quickly download some straight porn for us to watch (I already have an extensive collection of gay), hoping that this, in conjunction with a drink or two, will get him in the mood and happy to revisit our formerly physical encounters.

He arrives, and is happy to accept a drink, and we sit on the couch and chat.  I'm flicking the TV around, and ask if he maybe wants to watch some porn.  He gives a thumbs up in reply, and I ask 'gay or straight', and without hesitation he says 'gay', so I flick it on.  He's transfixed, and within minutes he reaches for a cushion to cover the growing bulge in his dishdash, but suddenly he gestures at the screen.  A white guy is blowing an Arab guy (I chose the film carefully), and he laughs - "You" he says, pointing at the white guy, "Me" he says, pointing at the Arab.  With this he stands up, removes his garment and pulls his massive cock out of his drawers.  "Yalla"*  he says, pointing the monster in my direction.

It couldn't have gone better if I tried.  Within seconds I'm choking on his cock, his hands holding my ears as he face fucks me, my hands reaching up to tweak his nipples and down to scratch his balls, and he asks if I'll swallow.  I don't normally, but I'm curious to experience his load, so I consent.  With a sudden groan he arches his back and forces his cock even further into my mouth, but it's only when I can feel his shaft pulsating on  my tongue do I realise that with his massive length he's pumping the load straight down my throat and I don't get to taste it at all.  Once he's done he pulls away and raises his drawers, then finishes dressing and reaches for his drink.  By now the guys on screen are fucking, and he nods approvingly.  "Next time for us" he says, before swilling his drink and leaving.  I note after he's left that more than half his beer remains in the bottle.  Perhaps he didn't need too much encouragement after all!

That was all over far too quickly and I'm still pretty horny, so I go online.  The Jordanian  is there, so I hit him up.  We've not met in a while, but occasionally exchange messages, so I'm kind of expecting a quick reply and a fun time, but I'm disappointed.  I got the quick reply, but a misunderstanding has developed between us - he's angry with me and firm in his decline.  I'm surprised and saddened by this - long-time readers will know he's one of the first guys I hooked up with here, and that over time he's transformed from a solidly built young man into an Adonis, and a great fuck to boot.

I end up making a booty call to the The Syrian - more on that next time...

* yalla = Arabic for 'let's go'

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