Friday, 26 August 2016

Quickie... (and a chin shot)

Out of nowhere, the family have all traveled, leaving me (all too briefly) home alone.  The DJ has been down the line regularly, trying to set up another session (or three), but none of it's worked out.  My phone bings, and it's him again, asking if I'm keen to hook-up locally with a cute Leb guy, but the  profile says he's 5'5", and that's a bit short for my taste.  I take the bull by the horns and tell DJ to come to my place, with the caveat he must be gone by 10pm.  He's with me in about 15 minutes, and after pleasantries and a cigarette, we retire upstairs.  He's quick to peel his shirt off, coming in to fumble with my buttons as we kiss (he's even better at this than I recall), and we're soon naked and in an embrace as we continue kissing - he's also been to the gym, and his body has tightened up noticeably since we last met.  We're soon on the bed, and he kind of drags my head to his cock as he shifts his own weight, and we're in a 69.

His dick isn't quite as big as I recall, as I can easily swallow it, and we spend a few minutes contentedly sucking one another before breaking to resume our kisses.  It's fun, and he sort of spins us both around again and drops his head between my legs to eat me out, presenting his low hanging balls in my face, his own hole tantalizingly out of reach.  Grasping his butt, I drag him down and begin to lick and jab his pucker with my tongue, which causes him to arch and lift his back, before moving his mouth to my cock and expertly sucking me.  It's all good, and we lap, lick and slurp with only low murmurings breaking the silence.

He rolls us so that he's on his back, and to my surprise he wraps his legs around my waist and stares into my eyes as he wriggles his hole against my cock - I'm pretty happy with this turn of events, but break away in order to suit up.  Lifting his feet over my shoulders, I stretch down to kiss him as I begin to work my shaft into his hole, and he exhales and widens, allowing me easy access and I'm soon balls deep inside him.  Wriggling a little to get me even further in, he then starts to squeeze me out, then relaxes so I can re-enter him, and in this fashion we fuck as I rest my hands on his rock-hard pecs, conscious of his cock flopping about in time to our motion.  After a few minutes he grimaces and pulls away, and, as he sits up he pushes me on to my back, and begins to jerk our cocks together with each hand, somehow reading us and the rhythm perfectly and we cum simultaneously, my own load arcing out and landing on my chin, his spattering over me.  I haven't shot that far in a while, and he smiles and utters words of encouragement as he continues to milk us both, before collapsing on top of me and smearing our juice between our bodies.

After a shower we're pretty much at time, so he wanders off into the night in search of a taxi...


  1. Cumming at the same time is a rare treat. Shooting that far also a rare treat. Must have been a great session!