Friday, 26 August 2016

Changing circumstances...

How quickly things change!  Out of nowhere, my son has been approached by a very prestigious school back in Sin City, and whilst down there on a famille my wife meets up for a drink with old colleagues.  Talk turns to 'the old days', and her former boss smiles and says "he wishes she were still with us".  My wife then advises the reason for her visit, and says that if it works out, she may well be available.  Within 24 hours they have offered her an incredible role, and this, in conjunction with the schooling opportunity, is enough for us to decide as a family that it is in our best interests for them to relocate.  Given the timing around the visit and the start of the school year, within 3 weeks they have left and I am officially a bachelor.  Interestingly, through all of our conversations about the various pros and cons of doing this, not once is my indiscretion of March mentioned.  Her only concern it seems is my diet and how much I might drink in her absence.

And thus it is done.  I am in the throes of shipping our belongings to Sin City, simultaneously keeping aside various things for my soon to be rented 'bachelor pad', and looking forward to relative freedom, notwithstanding the expectation I'll be a weekend commuter to their new home.

Freedom however, comes with a double edged sword - having fallen into a comfortable (if irregular) routine with the Syrian and The Engineer, and since the March 'incident', I've largely been offline, and happily so.  A reinstall of the apps once they had left quickly reminded me of the loopiness and frustration of that universe, so we'll take it easy and see what happens...  But to restrict activities to my regulars starts to cross the line from 'sex' to 'affair' or 'relationship', and I'm not sure about that...


  1. I often wonder about that line and the rules I have in my head are rather arbitrarily drawn. I have a few regulars that I play with that I know I couldn't be in a relationship with even if I were single and then there are one night stands where I'm completely enrapture and feel like an emotional bond could exist. Strange how it goes.

  2. Exactly - and it's about managing their expectations as well. Are we 'exclusive'? Do I get upset/jealous if I spot one of them on the apps? Or they me? If I'm on a random hook-up, and they want to play, but I'm "busy"? Hmmmm...