Friday, 26 August 2016

The harus redux

With my new found freedom, I begin to reach out to guys I've hooked up with before, but for whom hosting is an issue.  Included in this is the Harus  with whom I've remained in platonic contact with over the years.  Of course I have a plan for our meeting, but he doesn't know this (yet).  He's delighted to hear from me, and keen to visit, so arrangements are made and he's on his way.  I quickly download some straight porn for us to watch (I already have an extensive collection of gay), hoping that this, in conjunction with a drink or two, will get him in the mood and happy to revisit our formerly physical encounters.

He arrives, and is happy to accept a drink, and we sit on the couch and chat.  I'm flicking the TV around, and ask if he maybe wants to watch some porn.  He gives a thumbs up in reply, and I ask 'gay or straight', and without hesitation he says 'gay', so I flick it on.  He's transfixed, and within minutes he reaches for a cushion to cover the growing bulge in his dishdash, but suddenly he gestures at the screen.  A white guy is blowing an Arab guy (I chose the film carefully), and he laughs - "You" he says, pointing at the white guy, "Me" he says, pointing at the Arab.  With this he stands up, removes his garment and pulls his massive cock out of his drawers.  "Yalla"*  he says, pointing the monster in my direction.

It couldn't have gone better if I tried.  Within seconds I'm choking on his cock, his hands holding my ears as he face fucks me, my hands reaching up to tweak his nipples and down to scratch his balls, and he asks if I'll swallow.  I don't normally, but I'm curious to experience his load, so I consent.  With a sudden groan he arches his back and forces his cock even further into my mouth, but it's only when I can feel his shaft pulsating on  my tongue do I realise that with his massive length he's pumping the load straight down my throat and I don't get to taste it at all.  Once he's done he pulls away and raises his drawers, then finishes dressing and reaches for his drink.  By now the guys on screen are fucking, and he nods approvingly.  "Next time for us" he says, before swilling his drink and leaving.  I note after he's left that more than half his beer remains in the bottle.  Perhaps he didn't need too much encouragement after all!

That was all over far too quickly and I'm still pretty horny, so I go online.  The Jordanian  is there, so I hit him up.  We've not met in a while, but occasionally exchange messages, so I'm kind of expecting a quick reply and a fun time, but I'm disappointed.  I got the quick reply, but a misunderstanding has developed between us - he's angry with me and firm in his decline.  I'm surprised and saddened by this - long-time readers will know he's one of the first guys I hooked up with here, and that over time he's transformed from a solidly built young man into an Adonis, and a great fuck to boot.

I end up making a booty call to the The Syrian - more on that next time...

* yalla = Arabic for 'let's go'

the younger guy...

I was hit up on one of the apps ages ago, by a tall, young (24) and very cute Indian guy, but we've never had the chance to meet.  Some time ago we met for coffee and exchanged phone numbers, and we've been chatting on Whatsapp since then.  General stuff - how's the day, what's news, so on and so forth.  He's also been very candid about his ongoing affair with his married boss, the pair of them stealing hours when they can, and occasionally taking short vacations together (lord knows what the wife makes of this), and he's been quite direct in stating his interest in older white guys.  He also tells me his boss has 'converted' him from being an aggressive top into a compliant bottom...

With the departure of my family, I'm now in a position to host, and I mention this to him.  He's very keen to meet, and we agree on that evening.  He arrives right on time, and we enjoy a few drinks, a chat and a few cigarettes in a relaxed fashion before it's naturally time to move upstairs.

He's grown a scruffy beard since we last met, but that doesn't get in the way of him being a great kisser, and he's got a cute and tiny bubble butt atop strong legs.  His dick is not especially fat, but quite long, although that may be a trick of proportion.   Naked, I push him onto the bed and climb atop him, cradling his head in my hands as we kiss and frot our bodies together - it is nice.  He keeps smiling and commenting on how long it's taken us to get to this point.  He wriggles out from under me and reaches for the lube and condoms, then suits me up and clambers aboard.  Easing himself onto me, he is moaning and twitching his head, saying repeatedly how good it feels and that my cock is 'the perfect size'.

Once he's bottomed out on me, he begins to clench and relax his butt, then begins pumping himself up and down on me, our arms outstretched and hands intertwined.  It's good (great in fact), and as I lie there and watch his dark and muscular young body riding me I begin to edge.  Sensing this, he begins to alternate tempo to buy time, then he suddenly slams down and his cock spurts all over me.  Shuddering as the orgasm takes over his body, I too lose it and fill the condom whilst inside him.  Gasping at this, he falls forward and we kiss, then it's shower time.

Afterwards we enjoy another drink before he leaves, live tweeting his journey home amongst repeated requests for a return encounter. 

Changing circumstances...

How quickly things change!  Out of nowhere, my son has been approached by a very prestigious school back in Sin City, and whilst down there on a famille my wife meets up for a drink with old colleagues.  Talk turns to 'the old days', and her former boss smiles and says "he wishes she were still with us".  My wife then advises the reason for her visit, and says that if it works out, she may well be available.  Within 24 hours they have offered her an incredible role, and this, in conjunction with the schooling opportunity, is enough for us to decide as a family that it is in our best interests for them to relocate.  Given the timing around the visit and the start of the school year, within 3 weeks they have left and I am officially a bachelor.  Interestingly, through all of our conversations about the various pros and cons of doing this, not once is my indiscretion of March mentioned.  Her only concern it seems is my diet and how much I might drink in her absence.

And thus it is done.  I am in the throes of shipping our belongings to Sin City, simultaneously keeping aside various things for my soon to be rented 'bachelor pad', and looking forward to relative freedom, notwithstanding the expectation I'll be a weekend commuter to their new home.

Freedom however, comes with a double edged sword - having fallen into a comfortable (if irregular) routine with the Syrian and The Engineer, and since the March 'incident', I've largely been offline, and happily so.  A reinstall of the apps once they had left quickly reminded me of the loopiness and frustration of that universe, so we'll take it easy and see what happens...  But to restrict activities to my regulars starts to cross the line from 'sex' to 'affair' or 'relationship', and I'm not sure about that...

Quickie... (and a chin shot)

Out of nowhere, the family have all traveled, leaving me (all too briefly) home alone.  The DJ has been down the line regularly, trying to set up another session (or three), but none of it's worked out.  My phone bings, and it's him again, asking if I'm keen to hook-up locally with a cute Leb guy, but the  profile says he's 5'5", and that's a bit short for my taste.  I take the bull by the horns and tell DJ to come to my place, with the caveat he must be gone by 10pm.  He's with me in about 15 minutes, and after pleasantries and a cigarette, we retire upstairs.  He's quick to peel his shirt off, coming in to fumble with my buttons as we kiss (he's even better at this than I recall), and we're soon naked and in an embrace as we continue kissing - he's also been to the gym, and his body has tightened up noticeably since we last met.  We're soon on the bed, and he kind of drags my head to his cock as he shifts his own weight, and we're in a 69.

His dick isn't quite as big as I recall, as I can easily swallow it, and we spend a few minutes contentedly sucking one another before breaking to resume our kisses.  It's fun, and he sort of spins us both around again and drops his head between my legs to eat me out, presenting his low hanging balls in my face, his own hole tantalizingly out of reach.  Grasping his butt, I drag him down and begin to lick and jab his pucker with my tongue, which causes him to arch and lift his back, before moving his mouth to my cock and expertly sucking me.  It's all good, and we lap, lick and slurp with only low murmurings breaking the silence.

He rolls us so that he's on his back, and to my surprise he wraps his legs around my waist and stares into my eyes as he wriggles his hole against my cock - I'm pretty happy with this turn of events, but break away in order to suit up.  Lifting his feet over my shoulders, I stretch down to kiss him as I begin to work my shaft into his hole, and he exhales and widens, allowing me easy access and I'm soon balls deep inside him.  Wriggling a little to get me even further in, he then starts to squeeze me out, then relaxes so I can re-enter him, and in this fashion we fuck as I rest my hands on his rock-hard pecs, conscious of his cock flopping about in time to our motion.  After a few minutes he grimaces and pulls away, and, as he sits up he pushes me on to my back, and begins to jerk our cocks together with each hand, somehow reading us and the rhythm perfectly and we cum simultaneously, my own load arcing out and landing on my chin, his spattering over me.  I haven't shot that far in a while, and he smiles and utters words of encouragement as he continues to milk us both, before collapsing on top of me and smearing our juice between our bodies.

After a shower we're pretty much at time, so he wanders off into the night in search of a taxi...

Sunday, 7 August 2016

made me smile...

The Syrian has reconfigured his bedroom, and on my last visit I was able to watch my dick get sucked in the full-length mirror.

As he sat on the edge of the bed, I stood, looking to my right at the newly positioned wardrobe as he worked my pole with his mouth.  I was frankly surprised at how long it looked (remember I tap out at around 6.5"), and the silhouette was positively porn worthy!

From there of course it was all good.  I reciprocated, advising him of the vantage point - he took this as licence to face fuck me with abandon, then we kissed a lot, then he pounded the stuffing out of me.

At first he wanted to do me doggie-style, but he's just too big for that and it damn well hurt.  So I stretched out and he gave it to me reverse missionary, but as I started to buck back into him and edge, he flipped me over and onto my back, then came in between my legs and continued.  However, he also thinks I'm 'seeing other people', and I shrugged and told him I liked to top occasionally as well.  At this, he promptly suited me up, and began a tortuous slide down my cock, pausing, panting, and grimacing before he finally bottomed out on me, shaking his head and muttering "too much, too much".  He held position, and I got a few thrusts in, but he climbed off and after apologizing, told me he'd like to do it again 'another time', and asked if that would 'keep me for him'...

He however, has another of his mysterious trips looming (and the fresh beard to prove it), and I'm in and out of planes for the next few weeks, so lord knows when I'll see him again...

Thursday, 4 August 2016


I've only had a couple of hook-ups to report;  a standard, yet thoroughly satisfying, encounter with the Syrian (who, once again has returned to his homeland fully bearded), and an interim meet with the Engineer at his still empty home.  A few strangely muted weeks in Turkey have kept me offline as well.

However, now back in the Sandlands, and as I disembark the plane my phone pings and it's the Engineer (who's clearly remembered my dates), welcoming me home with an invite to meet ASAP.

I get to his place, and he's in full flight - strutting about in his dishdash, shouting instructions at a bevy of workmen (none remotely attractive), and then he sees me.  A smile breaks out on his face, and, like a goddamn sultan, he claps his hands and they all down tools, grab their stuff and depart.  Still smiling, he closes the door and steps forward to take me in his arms.  "Habibi", he laughs "I had to see you - I was in a meeting yesterday thinking of you, and I got hard.  I had to make my presentation sitting down".

He then takes me on another tour of the house - fine tuned furniture, things he's replaced and/or upgraded, then into the elevator and up to 'our' room.  I can only gasp - despite everything previously being brand new, he's refurbished it entirely - the four-poster suite has been replaced by a massive white leather king sized one, beautiful linens and - wait for it - a fucking marabou bedthrow.  None of this is quite to my taste, but his smile broadens, and he pushes me onto the bed, smothering me with kisses, before dragging me back to my feet and tugging our clothes off before falling back down.  The bedcover tickles, but it feels kinda sexy, and we thrash about for a bit before it finally slides off onto the floor and we are as always, mouths locked and hands roaming.  Soon enough, he wants to 69, so we do, but he's in a hurry it seems, and wants to fuck.  Handing me the poppers, he wraps his arms around me and begins to prod at me, again lube free, so he spits on his cock and works it in.  It's not too bad, but I'm gasping and tell him to go slow.  Working his full length into me, he starts a shallow stroke fuck, gradually warming me up, then he begins to pound at me, but I beg him to stop and push him onto his back.

Climbing astride him, I lean down to kiss him, my hand reaching behind to guide his cock back to my hole.  It goes right in, but he's so tall it's not gone far, so I break our kiss and lean back onto his drawn knees so that his full length goes inside me.  It feels amazing, and all I can do is luxuriate in the sensation, and begin to slowly grind against him as his rigid cock works its way in and out of my ass.  Fuck it's good, and I tell him so - he smiles up at me and says "enjoy baby" as he reaches forward and begins to jerk me off.  By now I'm bucking up and down on him, terrified he'll slip out of me before I cum, but he's got it all worked out.  With one hand wrapped around my dick and the other placed on my hip, as I rise he follows, then as he feels himself slipping out, the hand pushes me back down and impales me on his still rising hips.  It's a great rhythm, and I'm vocal in my pleasure, and he repeatedly exhorts me to enjoy myself (although in a possible Freudian slip, at one point he calls me "Papi").  With his monster dick inside me, and his hand working my own, I start to gasp and then leaning back onto his knees, again I slam myself down one last time as my cock erupts all over his hand and torso.  He won't stop working me, and his cock is still inside me, and I'm shuddering and gasping as he milks the last of my load out.  I finally fall forward onto him, but he deftly slides out and heads to the bathroom.  Returning after clean-up, he comments on the volume and thickness of what I had shot, then comes back to bed and kisses me.  We make out for a while, then he turns me to my side once more and works himself back into me, but I'm tight, so it takes a few goes to get right back to where he wants to be.  From here he pounds at me quite viciously, his arms wrapped around my chest as he slams into me, and all I can do is clench and bear down.  After a good solid pounding, he slides his arms out, rises to his knees and flattens me to my back before dumping what, even by his copious standards, is a monster load on my torso.  He gasps, pauses and laughs before letting loose with an ear-shattering 'woo-hoooo', then leads me to the shower.

After, we have tea and sweets before we must each depart.  But I did have the proverbial limp the next day...