Wednesday, 13 July 2016

the new house (part 2)

...clambering over the bed, he takes my head in his hands and kisses me.  He's hesitant at first, but soon we are as one, our mouths working against each other, hands caressing bodies.  He falls onto his back, and I climb atop him, stretching my relatively slender body out and across his mass as we continue to kiss.  He has a certain pose in bed - his right arm cocked behind his head, and his left wrapped around me - it is how I always think of him, and wish desperately I could capture it, but he has repeatedly denied me permission to photograph him in such an intimate pose.

We kiss, as always, for a long time - lazily exploring each other, refamiliarising ourselves with one another's bodies, until he wriggles out from beneath me and slides down the bed.  He takes my straining cock into his hand, then guides it to his mouth, using his tongue to tease me and then drawing away, only to return and lap at my balls.  I don't know how or what he does, but a ball tonguing from this guy is like no other, and I am twitching and moaning as he works my groin, able only to run my hands through his hair as he works his magic (the recollection, as I type this, is making me hard).  I tap his butt and ask him to swing his own body around so I can take him in my mouth as well, and we indulge in a lengthy and silent 69 until he climbs away and reaches for his dishdash.  Extracting some poppers from a pocket, he takes a lengthy pull and hands me the bottle.  One of our greatest pleasures is to kiss madly as the rush hits, and we are rolling all over the bed as we ride the high provided, then he repositions me and says "give me your back", which is his phrase for "time to fuck".  Of course, given the situation, we have no lube, so it's spit only.  Gulping a little water to generate more saliva, he coats himself and my hole then begins to enter as we both lie on our sides.   Goddamn it hurts, and I'm finding myself tense and pulling away, but he grabs my waist and draws me back onto him and he gently but firmly continues to enter me, using a minor push-pull to get my internal wetness spread, but it is still painful.  I have a minor flash of inspiration, and reach back to physically pull my ass cheeks apart - like a fucking twink - and lo, he glides right in.

Once in, the discomfort is gone, and he begins to pump at me as I lay there in a foetal position, moaning with pleasure, my arm now behind me and resting on his hip as he pistons in and out of me.  It's good, and I begin to clench and bear down on him, when he suddenly withdraws and rises to his knees.  With his cock pointed straight at me, he unleashes his usual massive load all over my torso, then, still panting, he grabs a handful of his cum and begins to stroke me, and I quickly shoot as well.

We lie together for a moment, then he leaps to his feet and, taking my hand, he assists me off the bed and we enter the bathroom.  He's still not sure how to drive the multi-head shower, and we get squirted at from all directions before sorting it out, freeing us to resume kissing under the warm water.  We exit and dry, then downstairs where we lie about on various couches as he quizzes me on my thoughts about his new home, but eventually I must depart, so I do.

I've been reflecting on "our" bedroom in his home, and I really have mixed thoughts.  Initially it was all incredibly romantic and whatnot, but now I'm feeling a little pressured, and moreso, curious as to how this is going to work in the longer term...  We'll see I guess.

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