Sunday, 10 July 2016

the new house (part 1)

So, what with the intense summer weather, the ongoing local holidays and observances, the lingering suspicions from my wife, AND computer issues, it's been pretty damn quiet.

However, the Engineer sends me a message - his new home is finally ready and furnished, but it will be some days before his family move in.  Would I like to visit?  Of course I would!!

He's in a suburb that's newly developed, and littered with both empty plots and partially built homes, and so new it doesn't feature on my GPS.  I drive around aimlessly for a while, when I realize that "over there" is a home lit up like the proverbial Christmas tree.  I head that way, and as I round the corner I see his car out front.  It's vast - by western standards it's a mansion - spread over 3 floors it's around 700sqm, and every light seems to be on.  I dial him just to make sure, and he opens the gate scowling - "get inside" he grunts, "the harus is around".  Now a harus is a combination security guard, watchman, driver and factotum, also notorious for their gossip.  A bit like "the concee-oyge" in the old days, but invariably male.

So we're inside, and I'm amazed.  Decorated in a combination of high French, high Saddam and contemporary, he's managed to combine the best and worst of almost everything, but he's so proud I can't help but share his enthusiasm as he takes me from room to room, explaining the provenance of certain pieces, the maker and/or label supporting other items and so on.  We get to the upper floor (via the elevator), and once he's shown me the gym (bikes, steam, sauna), the home cinema, and the servants quarters, he opens a final door with a flourish.  "This" he says, "is for us", and before me is a made-up, king sized, four poster bed with matching nightstands and an ensuite bathroom...  I blink, and he stands grinning - "you like" he asks hopefully as he takes me into his arms and kisses me.  "I made this for you" he says, and, quite frankly, I'm overwhelmed.  I've never had someone go to this level of effort, or experienced what is, in reality, an utterly romantic gesture.  "My wife thinks it is for guests, but I will never permit" he adds as he nuzzles my neck.

Breaking off, he mutters "towels", and instructs me to 'be ready' when he returns, and dashes into the hall.  I slowly strip, and am standing in my briefs when he returns minutes later, but he's unhappy.  "I wanted to come in and find you waiting for me in bed" he says, so I quickly oblige as he disrobes, and when he turns I am beneath the covers as expected.  "This is what I have wanted" he smiles as he climbs onto the mattress wearing only a grin...


  1. Wow! I wish someone would do that that for me.

    1. I know - awesome right? But on reflection I'm a bit uncomfortable about it...

  2. Wow! And here I am just happy with a thank you text afterwards. Thanks for letting me know I'm setting the bar too low. ;-)