Wednesday, 8 June 2016

It's a small town...

So a friend of my wife's invites us to a drinks party.  Suburban crowd, middle -aged and all keen to get drunk with that "I'm about to go on vacation" urgency.  I don't want to go - I have very little to say to the host, and I'm skeptical his friends will be any more fun, but, needs must and all of that.

After making polite chit chat with distant acquaintances for what seems like forever, I escape to the balcony for a cigarette.  There are some folk already there, engrossed in their own conversation, and I'm effectively ignored until another joins.  Clearly very drunk already, he greets me with a leering smile and say "Remember me...?", and shit fuck damn, it's the Old Guy  from a few summers back.  I feign polite ignorance, and go back inside after finishing my cigarette.

I really don't need to deal with this guy.  He's so drunk people are discussing his ramblings and general poor behavior, so before he gets a chance to say anything indiscreet I tell my wife it's time to leave.  She's not having a great time, so is happy to oblige.  But as we are departing, the host engages us in conversation for a bit, which gives the old guy a chance to come and hover by my elbow, clearly trying to say something and frankly, I'm panicking that he's so drunk it could be anything.

"Don't mind so-and-so" our host says, "He started a bit earlier than the rest of us today."  On this conversational break, we bid our farewells and escape. 


  1. Wow... I do not like those close calls. I don't know that my wife has ever been in the same room with one of my hook-ups, but that is why I try to only play far.... far.... away from home. Good lesson for me.

  2. not a lot of choice for me I'm afraid...

  3. Yeah, now that's rough... Ive actually had bumped into a hookup and a fuck bud at a bar once while with my partner and each instance it's been a slight head nod of acknowledgement and that's it. But I do wonder what would happen if they were a little more drunk...