Tuesday, 7 June 2016

damn it's been dull...

Ever since wifey caught me out, things have been decidedly low-key.  No apps (in case she spot checks the phone), and a whole lotta "who are you talking to", when I'm in fact looking at IMDB or similar.

Compounding this has been my travel, the Syrians travel and the Chinese guy as well.  Between all of this, I've not actually had sex in over a month...  The Chinese Guy invited me for dinner, but that was to tell me he's been transferred back home before his next diplo post.  After dinner he asked if we could go to the bedroom (really?  After dinner?), so 'we can cuddle', which was about all we did.

The Syrian announced a surprise trip home, initially for 10 days, but he was gone closer to 3 weeks, and he returned yesterday.  I've since been regularly messaged as to how much he missed me and so on, and requests bordering on begging to visit him this week.  But, I'm traveling again, this time to Paris for a week with my kids, and don't know if I'm getting the chance to see him.  But damn I want to...

The Engineer has been sending me sulky messages, asking why I don't see him anymore, and he just doesn't get that with neither of us able to host - it really is a lottery.  He's been building a new home (for some years now), and he's lately told me that a) it's finally close to completion, and that b) his 'man cave' has been expanded to include both a shower room and a private entrance, "so we can meet regularly".  Just need to explain to the wife why I'm suddenly going out a whole lot more when that happens.

On that front, she's been quizzing me as to my suddenly quiet social life.  Happily, there's a simple explanation.  During Fall, the weather is so nice here that everyone goes out for coffee (or something), and over winter it's football season.  So I'm 'busy'.  Springtime here is hideous (dust storms), and summer is just too damn hot.  Changing family circumstances means they won't be traveling at all over summer, other than a few breaks here and there where I'll be with them, so it looks as though the next few months are going to be quiet as well...


  1. Welcome to the It is going to be slow club.... No travel planned here for quite a while. Hello Mr. Hand!

    1. hahaha Mr Hand, Mr Fingers, Mr Cockring and all their friends!!!