Sunday, 8 May 2016

The last night...

The whole time I've been in this apartment, I've been flirting with a very handsome young man working in the convenience store next door.  I learn he's 26, Jordanian and we speak, infrequently, in Arabic, which delights him.  I'm offered free drinks, I'm taken to the back room to smoke, and we talk of different things.  After round two with the Mexican, I head out for dinner and as the uber drops me, I realize it's near closing time for the store, so pass by "to grab some cigarettes".  He's tiny btw - around 5'4", bearded and handsome, with a painfully thin body, but he's nonetheless somehow damned attractive, and seemingly receptive to my advances.

I tell him it's my last night and that I'm going upstairs to smoke a joint and drink some whisky, but he declines, shyly asking if "perhaps I had tea...?"  Of course I do, and 15 minutes later the buzzer goes and he's at my door, laden with chocolate and biscuits.  In he comes, and kicks off his shoes, and, having smoked the joint, my hopes are high.  Never met a young Arab who wasn't keen on being blown.  By anyone.

We sit and talk, then we go to the balcony to smoke.  I stand behind him (yes, too close), and guide his eyes through the frankly amazing view, showing him parts of the city he's unfamiliar with, my hand on his shoulder, his pelvis pressed to his ass, when he turns to face me.  "More tea?" he asks, ducking under my arm and returning indoors.

We sit on the couch again together, his arm stretched across the back towards me, and as my own arm moves across, his is withdrawn, then suddenly returned.  Hmm.  Finally he stands and walks down the hall towards the bedroom, and as I rise to follow, I see him putting his shoes back on.  Thanking me warmly, he tells me he has far to travel and exits.

Cold feet on his part?  Misread on my part?  No idea.  What I do know is that I basically did everything but call him "dear boy" and "accidentally" put my hand on his leg.  Which kinda makes me feel like a tragic, predatory old queen.

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  1. He has words... I think you were quite polite.